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Learn how to Study Successfully online or in person with Padraig King

From Babies to the Elderly, Padraig King eliminates pain and distress

Reach your full potential in all areas of your life with a little help from Padraig King

Learn how to switch on and off your muscles and improve your health, mobility and strength.

Any questions you would like answered?

Focused on Achieving Your Unique Potential

Padraig King has facilitated adults and children to achieve their true potential in their work, social engagements,  school, college and university study and in sports. His clients have ranged from managing directors of large companies, international sports stars to individuals stressed about bullying, interviews or coping at work.

Padraig quickly develops a rapport with his clients that allows him to understand their difficulties and to find the most rapid and effective ways to deal with these.

Courses, workshops and presentations offered can range from a brief after-dinner presentation to a full day of interaction, learning and goal achievement. Longer, more detailed courses are also available.

Facilitating Learning and Successful Outcomes

With educators and students he analyses the root cause of learning and comprehension blockages, disaffection and low levels of success in learning. Padraig King facilitates students of all ages to switch on to learning and achieve their unique potential.

Presentations and Courses

Presentations and Courses

As Padraig’s skills are always in demand it is necessary to book well in advance for presentations, training and individual appointments.

Courses can be presented in the FETAC registered training centre in Boyle, on site or at a venue of your choosing.

Courses, workshops and presentations offered can range from a brief after-dinner presentation to a full day of interaction, learning and goal achievement.

Padraig’s unique approach sees his workshops and seminars frequently over-subscribed so book early

Business Training

Business Training:

Padraig King has provided training courses in public speaking, sales and marketing soft skills, goal achievement, stress elimination, creative release and personal development for many years.
Training can be provided for groups, individualised or presented company wide.

Switching on Your Business Potential


He works with businesses, groups and individuals to draw out their true potential to prosper and expand to their true capacity.
He is often asked by businesses to focus on eliminating the blockages to increased sales, productivity, motivation and efficiency.

Sports and Movement facilitation

Sports and Movement facilitation

He has worked with world class dancers, sports people and European champions. A keen observer of blockages to success, his immediate techniques for switching on and empowering the brain, muscles and motivation ensure a stream of referrals from satisfied clients.

International Consultant and Instructor

Consultant and Instructor

Padraig King is a highly skilled trainer, health therapist and root cause analyst who seeks out and helps his clients to dissolve the blockages to their success. He teaches these skills in courses, workshops and individually. Some distance instruction is also undertaken with Skype.

World Class Techniques in his Clinics

World Class Techniques in his Clinics

He uses world class techniques, refined in his skillful hands and tailored to the individual needs of each client. Since the 1990’s he has been promoting co-ordinated thinking, efficiency, positive health, mindfulness and wellbeing.

Are you ready to work with me to create the changes that you desire?

It will be my pleasure to help you create the changes and solutions that lead to the transformation and results that you desire. Whatever point you are at on your journey I will make the pathway ahead easier for you, eliminating pain points, removing stress and giving you the skills you  may need to succeed in your personal growth, education, business or in developing the kind of quality of life that you deserve.

You may book a face to face clinic session at my clinics in Boyle, Cork, Donegal, Dublin- Leixlip, Galway or Limerick.

Let's connect from the comfort of your own home as you can avail of online sessions where we can use regular phone calls,  Facetime, Skype, Zoom or other ways to work together to create the new you. We can do this whether you live in another country or are just too far away from my clinics to visit me.

For online sessions please book an available date and time.

Click here to see the times that I'm keep open for you. 


Padraig King's Clinic 

Any difficulties booking ? Just text us at 0861723510 and we will do everything for you.

We want you to feel calm, relaxed and happy so that you can focus on living, relaxing and being at your best!


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