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Here are 10 Questions for the Parents of Exam Students to Check if your Daughter or Son is “Ready” to Learn Successfully for their Exams

1. Can they sit and read for more than 20 minutes at a time?
2. Can they easily and quickly extract the important information from what they read?
3. Can they quickly and easily form opinions and draw conclusions based on what they have read?
4. Can they quickly and easily connect new information with what they have already studied?
5. Can they write legibly and express themselves clearly in exams and when under pressure?
6. Can they spell sufficiently well to allow an examiner to understand what they have written?
7. Can they clearly express their ideas, opinions and understanding in exams and under pressure?
8. Can they concentrate easily and spend enough time studying to cover the course material and ensure they know it before the exam?
9. Do they become exhausted and burned out after a while studying or attempting to study?
10. Have they become overwhelmed, anxious, panicked, stressed or overly worried about not getting the study done to get the results they want or need for their course or career?

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