This Concentration Boot Camp is for you if you

Can’t Concentrate
Can’t settle down to study
Easily Distracted
Lose focus in seconds
are worried that you won’t demonstrate in your exams how intelligent you really are or how much you know because you can’t concentrate for long enough to get it all written down?
Are you are running into difficulties because you don’t really know how to concentrate, study or even begin to settle down to study?

Then give me just one day and I will show you how to settle down, clear you head, relax your mind and focus your attention like never before so that you can begin to effectively and successfully sit your exams and demonstrate to the world how good you really are!

Result: you will be able to study, learn, understand, remember and communicate what you know in exams and interviews quickly, easily, effectively and calmly.

My approach is based on almost 20 years as a teacher and the past 19 years in private practice where I have made concentration, study and exam success possible for thousands who were struggling and lacked the skills, knowledge and techniques that would help them get the results that they wanted.

Using a blend of physical activities (that you can do at your desk) to stimulate regions of the brain, relaxing visiualisations to eliminate your fear and frustration, activities and worksheets to focus your mind and simple explanations of how you mind works now and making the changes to your mindset to deliver the results that you want.

It is such a shame to see a student with great potential struggle and fail, unable to concentrate and know that they could have been helped to focus and study to their true potential. Be your full self and get the results you are capable of when you attend this Concentration Boot Camp.

Update: As of now over 7000 exam students, their parents and teachers among others have viewed this mini series of videos to help exam students concentrate more easily.

This Concentration Boot Camp offers you a one day course covering tips and tricks from my work, that will help you to calm down, settle in and concentrate more successfully than ever before.

With self-evaluation, before and after each activity demonstrated and put into action, you the lucky exam students who get to attend will see clearly for yourselves the value of each activity, its relevance and know how to use it at home, in school and in your exam hall.

In this one day course I will lead you through a range of simple physical activities to switch off your stress and anxiety, switch on your ability to settle down and concentrate and make it easy for you to study successfully for your exams.

Registration 9:00 Break at 10:50 (bring your own snack) Lunch at 12:30 -13:30 (carvery available in hotel) Certificates of attendance at 4:30 pm

Course includes
Assessing your concentration levels before and after
Finding your best learning style
Tips on the best way for you to learn.
Basic explanation of how we learn
Identifying which areas of your brain are switched on and engaged
Simple quick activities to switch on your primary learning channels,
Simple quick ways to settle down your body
Simple and quick ways to calm your mind
Simple quick ways to resource your brain and body for concentration
Opportunity to ask questions and consolidate learning

Exam students welcome who have a genuine desire to learn to concentrate more effectively and successfully study for their future.

Entry by ticket only.
Saturday March 11th Dublin

These are just some of the activities we will be covering in the course to prepare your brain and body to concentrate more succesfully. Each is powerful, effective and long lasting.

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