Right now, I’m recording this because it will be available on demand and it’s going to be available on Youtube and any other place that exam students are likely to find this video. So if I seemed to be looking away from the camera that you are seeing me on it’s because I am using three separate cameras today.

We have one which is recording the whole session, another is broadcasting to Zoom and one which is by casting to Facebook Live.  This is the first time I’ve ever used 3 cameras simultaneously. However, I’m not a stranger to doing many different things at the same time but the challenge is that many of us attempt to do too much at the same time.

I know I can manage three cameras at the same time and that I can visit all of them with my eyes I have to become aware of this. However,  for many exam students ……. Actually I was explaining to an exam student, who was here with me on Friday night, that there are at least 46 different things that students’ attention are drawn to continuously. In every moment of time they are continuously aware of the ground underneath their feet…. and continuously aware of their feet in shoes in their socks ….. they are continuously aware of the seat that they’re sitting on….. how  comfortable it is…. how relaxed their body is…. they are aware of the muscle tone in their legs…. even though though this is at an unconscious level.

They are either consciously or unconsciously aware of everything that is drawing their attention and that’s only as far as the tops of their legs……  they’re also aware of that hunger or their pain….  or whatever is going on, within their system at that moment in time.

Sometimes people worry that they are a little bit later or early, that their stomach is upset, or  that things are not going the way that they should……  All of these things are attracting attention away from the part of your brain, right up here at the very top, which is the area that deals with concentration.(the neo-cortex  – just inside your forehead)

Sometimes, people are aware of their breathing, and their labored breathing, because they have a difficulty with the whole area of breathing and concentration….. Every time that they take up a book they may go into a big sighing routine (and say) “I hate the teacher” or “I hate this subject” or whatever it may be,  and as a consequence of that they are putting themselves into a negative position where it is very difficult for them to actually make the the most of their time studying.

So I’m suggesting that the best way to do study, and to concentrate on it, is to be able to eliminate all of these distractions…….to move your attention away from the other 45 or 46 items and to focus in on the one single  task.

By the way  46 is an average number…..for other people it could be hundreds…. and if you are hypersensitive to sound then you will be hearing 40 different sounds at the same time..  You might imagine that’s impossible but for somebody who is super sensitive to sound…. They are hearing sounds from the environment all around them and they’re scanning the sounds for signs of danger. That is where their attention is focused on – signs of danger!

For somebody who was light sensitive (sensitive to light or has other visual difficulties) or who has difficulty while actually reading in   moving their eyes across the page comfortably, calmly and smoothly then their challenge maybe that they are constantly scanning their environment for signs of danger!

If you’re a person who focuses outside the window rather than in the classroom or at book that you’re supposed to be studying then the challenge for you is going to be to actually bring your attention in from there because somewhere along the line… you picked up the notion that you may be attacked from a particular direction or from outside.

So again, calming down your body and calming down your mind is really important for this. So eliminating those 46 different distractors,  I’m just putting that notional number of 46 there…..(in reality the number is whatever your own number is and the number is not important after all once they are eliminated )

What that means is that there is nothing going to stop you from concentrating if you can eliminate those distractors… and that’s exactly what I’m going to be doing on Saturday the 11th of March at the Concentration Boot Camp.

By 12 noon, on Saturday March 11th every student who is with me on the day is going to be to be feeling calm, relaxed and well on their way to focusing their attention on the one thing that they want to study.

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