Tune Up your Brain with SMARTER Concentration in just 2 Days

Join the growing number of teens and adults using the SMARTER Concentration Made Easy 2 day Workshops and learn how to grow your ability to concentrate, think clearly, make good decisions and take control over how you spend your time, energy and resources.

This workshop is now booking for  Spring 2017. Limited dates in Ireland before it moves on to other countries. Limited places at each workshop. Anyone over 12 may participate and with no requirements other than they come with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Everyone benefits.

Bring them too!

Special rate for two booking in together, as we encourage at least two people to attend so that you can have someone to share this special experience with, both during and after the workshop.

Once this workshop moves out of Ireland who knows how long before it returns again as it may continue to travel to those many countries where concentration and deep focus are truly valued in business, sports, education and mindfully used for a higher quality of living.


This unique workshop is drawn from the powerful 90 Minute Focus Method developed and taught exclusively by Padraig King.

We respectfully suggest that you book early and enjoy the buildup to this exciting workshop which will facilitate you to change how to think, work, play and relate to others for good.


A full refund is offered after thw workshop if you have not experienced a significant improvement in your concentration