Well done Paralympic Team Ireland cyclists

Today saw two of our competitors,James & David meet with disappointment while cycling for Ireland. They were unlucky to miss out on a bronze medal. While they did theiir best it is difficult to turn on peak performances on demand and considering they have only been paired since January they did well. Let’s hope they get medals in the next competition.

Well done to all our other competitors some of whom set Irish records and broke through their personal bests.

Paralympics sold out

What a testament to the strength, courage and ability of the athletes that all tickets to every event and ceremony are sold out.

Roll on the competitions. Ireland make up 1 % of theathletes but as always we punch above our weight and as each athlete and competitor performs to the Peak we expect more medals than ever 🙂

Meet the Irish team of 49 Paralympians

Meet the Irish team of 49 Paralympic athletes and competitors some of whom are already world champions. Each will do their best to produce their peak performance on the day. Best of luck to every one of them especially those that I assisted in a small way.