FREE tour of your brain

FREE tour of your brain

This actual video and animation provides a series of explanations and shows where functions are located.

It shows where most of our DNA features are switched on and off. well worth viewing.

The part explaining that scientists know which part of the brain is functioning most by tracking blood flow, correlates perfectly with information about how we react and respond contained my new eBook and Videos  which will be available FREE for the next few weeks.

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5 Steps to Optimise Your Unique Potential

5 Steps to Optimise Your Unique Potential by Padraig King


Wasting Energy?

Wasting Energy?

Wasting Energy?

If you are one of about 60% of adults in Ireland who have a distortion in their pelvis then you are wasting a lot of  your energy. Using a non invasive and very gentle  technique, which has proved very popular, I  facilitate my clients to correct pelvic distortions and this helps them to move with ease, freedom and balance once more. Many report that pain is reduced or disappears while others find it offers great relief, freedom of movement and improved flexibility and ability to move. 

Accountants. athletes, business people, carers, drivers, educators, farmers, factory workers and many of those who are unemployed are among the adults who are prone to pelvic distortion that have come to my clinic for corrections. I also see children and teens and many of them have seen significant improvements in their dancing, sports and posture as well as in their ability to concentrate and study.

Self checking for pelvic distortion

Stand without your shoes in front of a mirror. 

If any you answer yes or some of these questions then you may need to have your pelvic distortion corrected.

  • Notice is one shoulder is higher than the other?
  •  Notice if one arm appears to be longer then the other because the fingers go closer to the floor?
  •  Notice your feet are very straight or do they rotate outwards or inwards?
  •  If you draw a straight line from your nose to the floor would it land between your feet an equal distance from each foot?
  •  If a vertical line was drawn  from the tip of your nose to the floor would it land  in front of your feet?
  • When you put your thumbs on the top ledge of each hip bone (at the sides of your waist )does the mirror show that your thumbs are level?
  • When you lie on your back upon a flat solid surface and put your hand on the front of each hip bone do both sides of your pelvis appear  level with each other or does one side appear to be higher?


My correction method

I have developed a specific way to  correct pelvic distortions that is non invasive, pain free and long lasting.In my clinic  a pelvic correction is done in about five minutes.

I have used this method for a number of years and it has been long lasting and effective for 98% of my clients.

What causes problems in the pelvis?

Anyone not seated correctly will, over time, develop distortions on their pelvis.  Pelvic distortion affects men and women, teens and children. Poor posture, seating that is too soft, angled incorrectly or at the incorrect height for the person will contribute to pelvic problems.

Those who are pregnant find that carrying their babies is significantly easier when their pelvis is corrected   Others who were anxious to conceive report that the pelvic correction has facilitated them.

Does this affect balance?

Some clients need to address their balance afterwards and once this is addressed with my 2 minute correction they report feeling lighter, freer and more energised.

Reports of success

Immediately after the correction runners find that they can move more easily and players of all games find a new level of ease, comfort and efficiency.

After their corrections people tell me they notice changes in and a major reduction in pain, stiffness and discomfort in their joints, back, neck, head and legs as well as in their arms and even in their fingers. Once corrected,  their posture is immediately improved and they look and feel more graceful as they move.

Activities in business, communication, study and sports are all reported to behave become easier and more efficient.

Want help with your condition?

If you would like to be assessed and have your performance improved in business, communications, education or sports then contact me now for an early appointment. Don’t waste any more time and energy.

Fill out the form below or text 353861723510 with the word PELVIS followed by your name. We will contact you to arrange your appointment.