2014 Exam Student Special 2014

Every student deserves the best opportunity to show what they have learned and get the results that will take them to the next stage in their lives.

Padraig King has been helping students prepare for exams for over 30 years and the students who attend his clinics do better than expected, achieve more points and remain calm, focused and clear headed throughout the exams. 

His techniques are legendary, at this stage, with multiple appearances on television, features in national newspapers and the thousands who have paid to see him at courses, workshops and in his private clinics throughout Ireland and the UK. 

This year he is offering an exam student special deal.

Exam Student Special Get 90 mins with Padraig King Clear Thinking, Improve Concentration, Memory, Calmness, Sleep. €97 Book today. Deirdre 0861723510 +353861723510

Why I have been so busy

Sorry that I have not been writing much recently. I have been concentrating my time and energy on creating a fantastic new online course entitled “How to have Great Concentration in 6 easy steps” so that students can reach their peak performance in exams. It is almost ready for release.

While this, my first online course, is focused on students, and most especially exam students,  it can be also be used effectively used by others interested in having Great Concentration, improved focus and attention .

Like to be notified about our concentration videos as soon as they are at the rushes stage even before they are finalised and included in our online course. You can comment, spot glitches and even direct how they look finally.

6 Tips for Improved Concentration Now

Suggestion: Watch this video, do the activities and see how much your  own concentration improves

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This free video gives you 6 free tips to improve your concentration. These concentration boosting activities have worked for Padraig King’s clients. They report that these activities were the reason that their concentration has improved.