Many of us forget that breathing is the single most important aspect of all movement in business, education, communications and especially in sports.

When was the last time you were breathless and gasping for air?

Your absorption of oxygen affects every aspect of your performance as an athlete and sports person. These include your capacity to train and the intensity you will endure, your power and the effectiveness of your training to bring you to your peak of fitness, the rate of energy consumption as well as your lactic acid muscle burn.

Lack of adequate oxygen will reduce your potential to optimise your unique potential and it will take you longer to recover after exercise.


Lungs exchange gasses as we inhale and exhale

The more oxygen you absorb before during and after exercise the better you will perform and the faster you will recover.

Insufficient oxygen absorption will also slow you down, make you feel tired and dull your reflexes and diminish your thinking abilities.


Amount of oxygen being absorbed

When we inhale about 20% of our breath is normally oxygen. As we exhale this oxygen content is often reduced to about  15% of the air expelled. This means many modern healthy people are really only absorbing 25-30% of the oxygen available to them. In primitive,more relaxed, societies this rate of absorption of oxygen is usually about 50% which is the humans’ natural calmer, deeper, slower and far more efficient style of breathing.

It is the oxygen we absorb that counts. You have heard the expression “you are what you eat” has been updated to “you are what you can absorb”  well the same applies to breathing.

It is not just being able to breathe in oxygen, we need the oxygen to be absorbed. The average adult at rest inhales 7 to 8 litres of air. Just 20% of this is oxygen and they usually absorb 25-30% of  the oxygen available. When you exercise you inhale more air as you breathe faster and more deeply. This increased rate of breathing raises the airflow in and out but is less necessary when you breathe  and absorb more oxygen from each breath.

Interestingly we normally have over 2 litres of oxygen circulating in our blood stream. It is constantly being used and added to by breathing. If you can not inhale fresh oxygen for 4 minutes almost all of your blood oxygen may be used up and brain damage and subsequently death may follow.

Asleep, we often burn up about half a litre per minute of oxygen. The lungs of an athlete racing to beat a world record may need to deliver up to five litres of oxygen to the bloodstream—ten times our resting average.

Oxygen combines with glucose to create ATP, the main energy source for your muscles. The more ATP your muscles have, the more powerful and efficient they will be.

When your muscles don’t have enough oxygen to support their movement, they begin to produce lactic acid, which can cause muscle fatigue , muscle failure and pain.

The more oxygen your muscles receive, the more efficient they arE. Extra oxygen also slows down the production of lactic acid and the associated rate of muscle fatigue. Very simply put lactic acid is produced when adequate oxygen is not available in the muscle cells.

Oxygen is used in your body to metabolise and get rid of lactic acid in the liver especially when you have finished exercising.

In my clinics I assist people to recover their natural breathing capacity. If you wish I could show you how to achieve this calm absorption of oxygen for yourself. Interested? Click here

Reduce Distraction Increase Concentration


Once you became stressed, and even before you experienced feeling distracted, your eyes began scanning the environment for signs of danger, possible conflicts and any potential attacks. This unconscious scanning has drawn essential resources away for the parts of your brain that facilitate concentration and focus. Now you can fix this with a simple 3 minute activity and has been reported to help to clear away many of the visual distractions that have been unconsciously affecting your concentration.

To help you feel calmer, more peaceful and more focused, I suggest you make a C-shape with your thumb and two fingers. Make it approximately the same width as your mouth and place it just underneath your collar bones on both sides of your sternum. The other hand goes to rub on both sides of your naval/ belly-button with a C-shape at the same time.

Eye Level: So when you are ready, continue to rub on your chest and stomach points while slowly moving your eyes from side to side at eye level. When you have done this about 3 times, you will have done enough.

As you are doing this activity you are consciously scanning your environment and you are now aware of everything that you have seen. As you have not seen any real dangers and there are no major threats apparent, your body begins to calm down and return some resources to the area of the brain that concentrates.

Eyebrow Level: Now, move the eyes up towards your eyebrows.  Move your eyes side to side looking towards your eyebrows slowly, three times. Slowly continue to rub on the points on your chest and on your stomach, as your eyes travel across in an arc from one side to the other. Continue to do this 3 times or until you feel quite comfortable and quite safe.

Floor Level: Next to check that there is no danger at floor level. Slowly move your eyes from side to side at floor level, continuing to rub chest and stomach points.

As your brain and your body become conscious that you are safe, you will gradually find that the resources move from the survival areas at the back of your brain to the front areas where concentration, focused attention and as sense of being in control returns you can relax.

When you are relaxed your self-confidence, self-esteem and levels of competence rise.  When you are finished doing the activity your head clearer and re-energised. You may also feel your weight shift from your heels to your toes and your body may sway forward. Now you are ready to embrace whatever challenges lie ahead.

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Floating Free Like a Butterfly

Floating Free Like a Butterfly

Some of the questions I’m often asked include ” How do you keep going? ” and “As you are floating around the country , do you ever stop or get tired?”

The answer is that most of the time I do not live on nervous energy but on the natural boost I get from the food I that I eat and from the powerful energy that  comes from seeing my clients transformations.

Every day I see more positive change in my clients than I would have seen in a year working as a teacher and the abundance of this positive energy supports me in my work.

So the short answer is that as long as I am doing this work and seeing the positive changes that I am privileged to wittiness happening in my clients as I work with them then I am happy to continue “floating like a butterfly” as one lady described my travelling .

However I have moments, hours and days when I feel drained out, exhausted and my mind clouds over. These times don’t happen frequently but are caused by a lack of attention to the food that I might eat, the hours of sleep that I miss or the negativity of someone that I forget to clear out of my system. Being human means having within me the same needs, desires and weaknesses as everyone else. Having been through the tough experiences that life has presented to me in my personal life between illnesses, injuries and crashes I have a deep empathy with every person who is suffering and  if I don’t control my empathy and protect myself I can find myself feeling as bad they did when they arrived to see me.

Being protected with a shield of positive energy and a deep sense of security inside that can sustain us when we are being stressed.

When a child comes to see me I frequently notice that they are picking up far more information from their parents, friends and neighbours than the parents had imagined. This information is frequently non verbal and not even through the 5 senses but through a sixth sense or sense of empathy with others.

Case Study:

Leah( not her real name- privacy is always assured)

Leah a child of 9 was brought to see me a few months ago..

Her difficulty was that she could not go to sleep at night and had become quite aggressive in school and outside of the home.

First Session:

Within a few moments of arrival she relaxed and engaged with me.  I asked many questions and deliberately misinterpreted her answers until she became confident that she wiser than me and felt like she was in charge. By the way I do this frequently as it gives children the opportunity to shift their attitude to me a stranger from one of fear or anxiety to one of being relaxed.

Once she had relaxed I asked her a number of other questions that led us to understand that she was highly intuitive and was clearly picking up information about those around her that not even her parents were noticing. Gradually we came to understand that she was picking up the troubles, cares, concerns and worries of everyone she encountered and as a 9 year old she did not have the way to solve their problems as she really would like to have done. This was all happening unconsciously. When she was in the company of someone sad he took on their sadness, happy their joy, angry their stress and so on.

I asked her to imagine that her stomach was a giant washing machine and that every negative emotion, stress, anger etc that she picked up from others was like a basket of dirty clothes crammed inside. In fact the machine was so full that it could not turn or wash the clothes. Because all of her time wand energy was preoccupied with the stresses and emotions of others she was not able to process her own difficulties and had reached overload. When she reached overload she erupted in aggressive behaviour and at night her mind kept racing from one person to another and her moods and emotions kept changing from moment to moment so he had no peace of mind.

I invited her to imagine that she could open the machine and begin to take out the stinking, dirty clothes and rather than have her wash them I suggested that she put them into a great big laundry basket in the sky. She chimed in that Good could wash them. We all agreed and she gradually emptied her abdomen / washing machine of all the stresses and negativity that she had been picking up from everyone for years. Next I invited her to run a rinse in the machine to flush away any trace of the old clothes and when that was done I invited her ot think about the stresses and worries that she had herself relating to how she felt and what she thought.  before long she told us she had washed them all through and we could she a different attitude and vitality in her. next I invited her to imagine breathing in a golden gas of pure clear energy that would form a shield around her like a cocoon protecting her, nourishing her spirit and filled with God’s love, Joy , Peace and all of the other things that would support her. She had a strong belief in her guardian angel being with her at all times also.

I explained that when we are vulnerable, sensitive and empathetic we can easily get swamped by the emotions and issues of others. we need the protective layer to help us stay safe and just be ourselves.

Her mother decided to come ansd see me on her own as she too is very sensitive but did not realise that her daughter was being affected in the same way that she was. With the mother a number of other issues emerged during our sessions together  but the main focus  was on clearing her and helping her be protected so that she could be herself . Once she felt clear and protected her while life began to shift as her confidence grew and she really began to believe in herself for he first time.


Leah has changed rapidly and now top of her class,  sleeps when her head hits the pillow, is polite, happy and relaxed. She has been back for a number sessions and in each session we are helping her to process her transition into being just herself rather than the “worn out washing machine full of other people’s troubles” as she describes how she once felt. Now she sees herself as a beautiful butterfly emerging from the cocoon and soon she will be ready to fly.

If you are reading this and you feel that there is something that you are ready to shake off, or you have a vision of the person you want to become,  skills that  you want to have or attitudes you want to change to then book a call with me and let’s see what we can do together.

Arrange a free call back from Padraig King to you at a time that suits and discuss what is right for you at  A

Self- Check Your Hips, Pelvis and Lower Back

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