2016 Leaving Cert Pass Irish Oral Test

2016 Leaving Cert Pass Irish Oral Test


Here rare some of the sentences , translated to English and spelled phonetically in English for those who might like a little help

Bhuail na daltaí le cheile os comhair an bus.
VOOL na dolty le kayla oss kore un bus
the students met in front of the bus
  Phléigh siad conas go raibh siad ag súil go mór leis an turas go dtí an Ghaeltacht.
Plague sheed kunis gu rev sheed egg soool go moore lesh un turris gu dee un gwhale-tockt
They discussed how they were looking forward to the trip to the gaeltacht
 Bhí sceitimíní ar roinnt daoine ach bhí daoine eile imníoch, mar ní raibh siad sa Ghaeltacht riamh agus ní raibh aithne acu ar aon duine eile.
Vee sket-a-meany eir rynt deeny oc vee deeney ELLA im-nknee-ock, mork knee rev sheed su gwhale-tockt Reeve aggas knee rev a-hin-a akku eir ayn dna ella.
Some of them were excited but others were scared, because they were never in the gaeltacht before  and they did not know anyone else who would be there.
 Nuair a bhí siad ar an mbus, labhair an múinteoir leo.
NOOR a vee sheed eir un bus , lour un moon-toor low.
When they were on the bus the teacher spoke to them.
  Mhínigh sé go raibh siad ag dul go dtí an Spidéal i nGaillimh
Veen-eg shay gu rev sheed egg dull gu dee un spid-ale it  ngol- iv 
He explained tht they were going to Spiddal in Galway.
 Bhí an turas an-fhada.
Vee un tur-ass in adda
The journey was long.
 Bhí na daltaí ag ligint a scíth agus d’éist siad le ceol.
Vee nu dawlty egg ligg-int a skeee oggus They-st sheed le keowl.
The students relaxed and listened to music.
 I lár an turas thóg siad sos agus agus d’ith siad beile blasta.
I lawr un turrass howg sheed suss oggus dip  sheed bay-la b-lost-a
Half way there they had a break and ate a delicious meal
 Chaith siad an cuid eile den turas ag caint is ag comhrá.
Caugh sheed  un quid ella den turr-ass egg kynt isss egg ko-raw.
They spent the rest of the journey chatting.
  Shroich siad an coláiste ar a trí a chlog.
H-Ri ck sheed un koll-awste eir a 3 a klug.
The got to the colloege at 3 o’ clock
 Bhailigh siad timpeall agus ansin fuair siad amach na tithe ina raibh siad ag fanacht.
volleg  sheed team-ple oggus un-shin fooor sheed a-mock nu ti-he in a rev sheed egg fon-okt.
They gathered together and then they were found out which houses they were staying in.
  Shiúil siad go dtí an teach lena málaí.
hewl sheed gu dee un tock lenna mawl-ey.
They walked to the house with their bags
 Bhí an teach te teolaí agus compórdach.
vee un tock te chooo-ley oggus kom-poured-ock.
The house was warm and comfortable
 Bhí an Bhean an tí cairdiúil agus mhothaigh na daltaí s
Vee un van un tee cord-ool oggus vuhhig nu dawlty saw-sta .
The woman in the house was friendly and they felt happy
 Thosaigh siad an lá sa seomra ranga.
huss-ig sheed un law su show-m-ra wrong-a
They began the day in the classroom
 D’fhoglaim siad a lán Gaeilge nua.
dowlim sheed a lawn gwhale-ga new-a
They learned a lot of  new stuff in Irish
 Bhí siad an-ghnóthach.
Vee sheed on gknow-uk
They were very busy
 Tár éis, d’ith siad an lón i mbialann na scoile.
tar ayesh , di sheed un loan I m bee a lawn nu skulla
Afterwards they ate lunch in the school dining room
 Bhí na beilí blasta gach lá.
VEE nu bayly blost-a gok law
They had good tasty food each day
 Bhí na daltaí ag tapú an deis ag cleactadh a gcuid Gaeilge.
VEE nu dawlty egg top-u  un desh  egg klockta a gwid gwhale-ga
They were getting better at practicing their Irish
 San iarnóin, bhí cluichí eagraithe do na daltaí.
son ear known , vee kli-hee agraha du nu dawlty.
There were games organised for the students in the afternoon
 D’imir siad peile.
dimmer sheed pella.
They played football
 Bhí gach duine ag baint sult as.
Vee gok dinna egg bwint sultan as.
Everybody enjoyed it
 Istoíche, bhailigh siad sa halla do chéilí.
iss-tihe , vollig sheed su hawla du kayley
At night they gathred for a ceili in the hall.
 Sheinn an banna cheoil agus thosaigh siad ag rince. Bhí an craic agus ceol go hiontach.
hynn un bonna keowl oggus hussig sheed egg reen-ka.
The band plalyed and theybegan to  dance.  The music and craic was wonderful.
 Ag an deireadh seachtaine, bhí turas eagraithe don choláiste, lá cois farraige.
Eir un derra shock-tin-a , vee turras agratha dunne kolawste , law kush for-igge
At the end of the week the college had organised a a day out to the beach.
 Bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh agus bhí na daltaí ag snámh san fharraige agus ag siúl ar an trá lena gcairde.
Vee an green egg tan-iv oggus vee nu dawlty egg snawv son orrige oggus egg shewl eir un trawlennna gawr-da
The sun was shining and the students were swimming in the sea an walking on the beach with their friends
Lá eile, chuaigh siad go dtí ceannceathrú TG4 i mBaile na hAbhann.
law ella , qu-ig sheed gu dee kown kath-eru tell-a feeesh nu Gwhale-tock-ta a kaher I molla nu houn.
Another day, they went to the hedquarters of TG4 in Baile na hAbhann (which means the town with the river)
 Bhuail siad le roinnt aisteoirí ó Ros an Rún.
voool sheed le rynt ash-tory owe ross nu ruin
They met a number of actors from Ros na Rún.
 Ag deireadh an cúrsa, bhí gach duine an-bhrónach ag fágail slán lena ceile.
Eir derra un kursa , vee gok dinno  on- vrown-ock  egg faw-gawl slawn lennna kayla.
Everyone was very sad saying goodbye at the end of the course
 Rug siad barróg ar a cheile.
ruug sheed borro- g eir a kayla.
They hugged each other
 Gheall siad go mbéidh siad ar ais an bhliain seo chugainn.
Gyowl sheed gu meg sheed eir ash un vlian shu ku-inn
They promised to be back again next year
 Bhain siad an-tairbhe as an gcúrsa.
vin sheed on torrive oss un goorsa
They really enjoyed the course
 Duirt siad  go bhfanfaidh siad i dteangmháil lena ceile.
DOOOrt sheed gu von-hig sheed I dong-gwal lennna kaya
They said that they would keep in touch witth each other.
 Chuir siad na málaí ar an mbus agus chuaigh siad abhaile le croíthe trom.
Kur sheed nu mawly eir un mus aggus kuig sheed a-wallya le kree-ha trum.
They put their bags on the bus and were sad as they headed home.

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