What BIG Factors Affect Student Exam Results?

What BIG Factors Affect Student Exam Results?

Right or wriing, due to the current patterns followed by the global education system, examinations are considered to be the best way to determine students’ progress, growth, and academic performance.

The verbal, written, or electronic exams conducted throughout the educational system, and assessments through the year are thought of as a means of measuring a student’s actual performance and gauging their ability to achieve based on a variety of predetermined objectives.  While this may be true for some students,  for others it simply points to their inability to cope in exam situations and as a result they do not score well so the exam does not reflect their levels of skill, knowledge or understanding.

Not every student performs at in the same way in examinations. There are up’s and downs in the results that are manipulated and normed each year administrators and can lift or drop a student’s score by a few percentage points. This is a good reason to add a few extra hours of study to the preparation for exams and to practice taking exams so that all “gun shy” students are ready for the exam both educationally and psychologically.


There are certain factors that influence and affect each student’s performance and concentration in exams. These factors are divided into four basic categories. They fall into 4 categories

·         Intrinsic Factors

·         Extrinsic Factors

·         Miscellaneous Factors

·         Personal Factors

Intrinsic Factors

The intrinsic factors that affect a student’s ability to concentrate and perform well during their examinations are largely concerned with the examination itself and the way it is conducted. These also include strict and consistent marking by the teachers and instructors. Another factor can be the varying patterns and sequences of the exam papers which may significantly contribute to a lower score in  some examinations. The question style and material the questions are based on may also influence the students’ results.

Extrinsic Factors

The factors that pertain to the environment in which the examination is conducted are considered as Extrinsic Factors. These may include but are not limited to the noise distractions within and outside the examination hall, the distance or lack of between students in the exam hall, along with the light, temperature and ventilation of the examination hall. These can affect the students’ results in their exams. Moreover, the attitude and behavior of the fellow students as well as the invigilation staff may also influence how the students fare concentration-wise during the exam. Many distractions or interruptions can directly impact the students’ results.  

Miscellaneous Factors

A student’s concentration is also challenged by various completely unrelated factors that include studying the incorret or only part of the course material and their approach to pre-exam practice sessions. The delivery of the lectures pertaining to the exam itself also has the capacity to affect a student’s concentration during the preparatory phase of the exam. Sadly for some the possibility of a severe fear or phobia of appearing in the run up to exams also tends to affect the outcome and overall performance of a student.

Personal Factors

Some personal factors also have the ability to influence the levels of a student’s concentration during exam study. The factors such as emotional turmoil due to family or other relationship issues, lack of sleep, overall work and school stresses,  as well as any  personality disorders may  all affect the outcome of a student’s exam. Their personal attitude and behavior, presence or absence of confidence also affects their exam concentration and performance. Another factor that potentially influences a student’s ability to perform to their maximum potential during the exam season is the possible existence of a mild, moderate or even previously undiagnosed learning disability or disorder.

While some of the above mentioned factors can be tackled by school and student themselves some are completely out of their control. There are others still that need to be addressed through outside assistance.

For ways to help a student to concectrate more effectively, efficiently so that they can settle down, study, understand and remember what they are reading you might consider the one and two day courses on offer this March and April.

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3 Activities to Perk Up Your Concentration

3 Activities to Perk Up Your Concentration

Dreading the upcoming exams? Who doesn’t? Even the nerdish students get exam jitters and it’s all too natural. Being frightened shouldn’t be your biggest fear. It will happen and the only way to overcome that is to focus.

But it’s the same old story every time. The moment your exams come up, your concentration goes out the window. You get distracted easily and then all your set goals go haywire. Reining in your concentration at such times might seem like the hardest thing you’ve ever done. When you feel that way, remember that it’s time to plan a workout for your brain.

To strengthen your body, you do workouts and play sports. Likewise your brain also needs workouts. It’s not hard to picture a brain at the gym, pulling dumbbells. That’s exactly what your brain needs to boost concentration; lots of exercise.

The following activities are special trainings that will strengthen your mind and will sharpen up your focus and concentration.

Revamp Your To-Do List into a Distraction Inventory

Studies have proven that once you get distracted, it takes you about 25 minutes to get back to deep concentration levels at the task on hand. A single Snapchat, Facebook notification or a message on WhatsApp is enough to sidetrack you from your studying. Or you might suddenly remember the funny vine you had to see. Keep a hold of yourself! As soon as you feel the urge to do any of these things, note it down somewhere.

With time, you’ll find quite a collection of such things and you’ll realize that you’ve successfully created your very own Distraction Inventory. Congratulations! You now have a personalized list of the distractors that plague your concentration! Know Your Enemy!

The Living Statue

This is a simple activity that, believe it or not, will definitely improve your concentration. All you need is a chair, preferably a comfortable one. Sit on the chair and try to keep still, don’t even move a muscle. Hold the position for as long as you can without straining yourself.

When you first start to do this, you might notice a lot of involuntary movement of muscles. Don’t worry. With practice you’ll be able to control them too. Though it sounds easy, it is anything but that. The immobility of your body will put you in a state of complete rest and hence make you concentrate better.

Attentive Listening

This time, include a partner and just listen. But isn’t this what we do all the time? We do but the trick is to listen attentively. Be an active listener. Focus all your energy and senses to concentrate on what the other person is saying. This simple activity increases your focus and helps with your relationships too.

This will also be effective the next time you attend a boring lecture. Concentrate on listening in class and maybe you won’t freak out when exams come up.

After a few days of practicing, you’ll find that you can focus more and your mind won’t flit from one thing to another. But the key is practice. If you manage to give your brain the daily dose of exercise, you can be the master of focus. Seems too good to be true? Try out these activities and prove yourself wrong!


Need Help Studying

Need Help Studying

13 + 12 =

My Struggle to Learn

I’m Padraig King and i have been helping students ace their exams for more years than you have been around. I was a struggling student once with un-diagnosed dyslexia, very slow reading speeds and atrocious spelling. My handwriting was so poor that when I did exams I usually scored well below the score i would have got if they could have read my writing. I struggled all the way through primary school, secondary school and even in 3rd level. .

My Biggest Problem

The biggest problem that I had in secondary school  was that i was always getting distracted. I could not stay focused and it cost me dearly in some early exams where i could see kids who were not as intelligent as i was scoring marks much higher than i was awarded. some of this was due to the fact that the teachers had such difficulty reading my scrawly handwriting but the biggest part was that i could not stay on task long enough to join up the information i was taking in . as a result it was a jumble of facts and i had not been able to fit them together to make thw jigsaw that gave other a clear picture of the subjects and allowed them to answer questions with that advantage. I was still struggling to place the pieces together while they were moving on to the next subject.


Around the age of 14 I made a breakthrough and cracked the code of concentration. I discovered that by doing specific activities I could significantly improve my concentration. These simple activities made a big improvement in my scores and so i began tyhe quest for better and stronger ways to deal with my distractability.  Every time I found a newer, betrer way to do the activities I found my concentration grew. \I knew then as i know now that the key to concentration lies in activating the “right” parts of  your brain to make concentration possible. Later |I studied to be teacher, and then a l\earning support teacher and to prove to myself and the rest of the world that I was really focused and able to concentrate deeply I studied for and obtained a Masters from the Open University in the field of Education.

Concentration Solutions for You

With a lifetime of knowing what it feels like to be distracted, anxious and appearing to others as under-performing. I understand concentration like few others as i have been studying it for so long as have helped thousands of people to take control over their distractions,. calm down their minds and focus their attention like never before.

With my own skills and breakthrough in understanding and self control along with training I received in seven areas of study I developed a program that delivers 90 minutes of pure focus when and where you need it.  Later I developed online courses and workshops and other courses that employ many of the strategies i use successfully every day with my clients. Due to distances involved many of my clients are only accessing my services online and  I use Facetime, Skype, Zoom,  and a wide range of messaging apps to teach them how to calm down, settle in and make concentration and study possible for them. We stay in contact  by Whatsapp and email in between calls and they enjoy my support for as long as they need it.


Now is YOUR time!

Tell me how I can help you and let’s see how quickly and easily you can get concentrating, studying and achieving your real potential. This is YOUR opportunity to get the help you need from someone who knows what uyou have been through and       found solutions that will work for you.  

Use the contact form below to tell me what you need and I’ll do what I can to make a real difference to the way that you concentrate.

By the way, I also have ways to massively improve your reading, hand writing, maths and self expression as well as comprehension skills as well as essay and report writing. Some call me the one-stop-shop for everything you need to ace your exams.


Harnessing Your Concentration While Studying for Exams

Harnessing Your Concentration While Studying for Exams

Sleepless nights, dark circles, baggy eyes and reheated meals. All students would be well acquainted with these things.

No matter how carefree the whole year is, we all know that the few days before exam are the worst time for any student. Long nights and cold meals are a few of the things to look forward to. And with the added pressure, failing to concentrate is the most common problem that students come across.

Well, who can blame them! You may be all too familiar with the habit of drifting off while studying. One minute you’re working on derivatives and the very next moment you find yourself walking in the Shire, or fighting to guard the Ice Wall. Although there’s no harm in daydreaming but when you’ve got a bigger fish to fry, the walkers must wait.

Here’s a number of ways you can maintain your concentration while studying. They won’t completely put you off day dreaming but it’s a good way to start.

Prepare Your Cave

Decide on the best place you want to study in. Remember that it is a ‘no-go area’ for anyone else. Get a comfortable chair (not too comfy though), a proper desk and it must have adequate lighting. Your cave is a ‘No Phone Zone’ so be prepared. That Facebook notification can wait.

If you like music while studying, go for it. Although there’s no proof whether music increases productivity or not, it’s better to play tunes with no lyrics. Settle for the classics. Go Beethoven! Some reckon his music helped then concentrate more deeply.

When I was studying I would put music without words and that stayed pretty much the same all the time so that it did not interrupt me. I knew my concentration had lapsed when I became aware of the music and redoubled my concentration!

Set Attainable Objectives

You need to complete that topic today. Just break it up into realistic objectives. If you think you won’t be able to do it, plan accordingly. Setting unrealistic goals will just demotivate you. You are your own best critic and also the worst. Use this in your favour and establish realistic milestones.

Treat Yourself

The brilliance of this method is that once you plan how to accomplish the goals you’ll also plan some incentives for each accomplishment. And those treats will be your motivators.

You’ve gone and done all that you planned to do and that deserves a reward. Tell yourself you can watch that new episode of GOT only when you complete a specific task. With that end result in mind, you’ll definitely be working hard. OR to stay on task, give yourself a smile and congratulations when you achieve each milestone. This positive reinforcement helps to reward your efforts and keep you going for the next milestone.

Spice it up

If you keep studying the same thing for long hours, you are bound to get fed up. Spice up your studying schedule. Once you feel like you’ve had too much of a topic, skip over to the next one. Just remember, if this gets too monotonous, give your brain some change. This might not work sometimes if you’re studying a specific topic but do the best with what you have. Or move to the next step.

Time Out

Yes! Breaks will help you concentrate more. If you keep stuffing information into your brain, it is bound to get all jumbled up. Set scheduled breaks for yourself so that you don’t get worn out. A change of scenario or study position would be helpful.  Go for a walk or a run and when you get back all that you studied in the last session will be connected up to what you already knew and make new learning not just possible but more enjoyable as you are moving ever closer to competing the jigsaw of information in your mind.

Help is at hand

If you need help to concentrate then I have a lifetime of experience in switching on, improving and restoring concentration for exam students.  Message me on +353861723510 to explore how we can work together to get you the results that you really are capable of if your concentration is maximized.  I work in a variety of ways that include one to one sessions in person or by video call, concentration boot camps, 2 day courses and individualized training programs.

Check out my Concentration Boot Camp on Saturday March 11th in Dublin.


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