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Because we all live in bodies programmed for survival and we retain all those primitive reflexes and reactions it is always a challenge to learn to concentrate your attention on a topic, a subject or a task that does not immediately deliver safety from a real danger, more food or personal gratification.

A short list of the steps to better concentration will begin with having a deep sense of inner security, followed by a sense of belonging, the resources to support living like adequate food, shelter and emotional security and stability. Then time must be spent exercising your concentration and developing your ability to focus your attention.

Before you can concentrate a solid foundation must be built that will allow you to focus your attention on a topic for an extended period of time.

As Padraig King specialises in helping you to put these elements in place so that concentration can be improved  it makes sense to call him and discuss in a free strategy call how he can help you or your student to concentrate better and achieve the kind of success you can have once you have the foundation laid to build your concentration and achieve the success you are really capable of.