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Memory is not just a multisensory facility but involves emotion and energy that we often are not aware of  when learning new information. To remember means to re-assemble all the pieces that formed the information or reality that you experienced.

Having the head space, the energy and resources in place to take in new information, sort it, filter what is useful from the uninteresting and then connect what we wish to remember with what is already stored and understood  takes an immense amount of energy. If the readiness is not there then the ability to remember will be underdeveloped and may not be successful.

To create the right conditions to have a great memory you need look no further than Padraig King who was featured  on a number of occasions as a memory specialist on RTE Television and in a full page feature in the Irish Independent newspaper Padraig’s techniques were used to switch off the buzzing brain and focus the attention of the feature writer.


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