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Peace of Mind

Underlying everything that Padraig King does is Peace, Positivity and the Pleasure of knowing that h is “doing the right thing, for the right reason, in the right way with the right person  at the right time”. Each person seeking peace who is drawn to his clinics or to connect with him online or by phone can feel the peace, the passion and the powerful energy that flows from his state of peace.

To enjoy a relaxing and peaceful state of living that is accessible to people of all ages and stages simply set up your appointment or arrange a call from Padraig and you’ll be relaxed and calmer in minutes. By the end of your session you’ll be feeling free, relaxed and ready to embrace life in a new and more peaceful way.

Padraig uses powerful techniques that are highly effective and you will find it so easy that you will be able to relax with your eyes closed. Where Padraig creates a visualisation during your session he will share a copy of this with you by  Whatsapp.


Melt Away Your Stress in Under 4 Minutes

by Padraig King | Visualisation