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 9 out of every 10 students doing exams are not fully prepared mentally, physically or emotionally and may  fail to achieve their full potential in exams.

Be the one in ten who gets the full value out of every moment you spent studying and every second of each exam.

On Wednesday of this week more than 100,000 students will sit  the first exam of their Junior and  Leaving Cert.

For the past month we have been offering a free mini online video course to help students focus and concentrate more easily. Many students have availed of this free course but right up to 9 am on Wednesday you can prepare your body, mind, emotions and the internal motivation and derive to be at your best in your exams.

Get the COMPLETE  “Concentration Made Easy for Exam Students” course. 
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In this complete course I guide students through the five steps to deeper concentration and greater focus so that they can

Eliminate distractions,

Eliminate anxieties,

Improve memory and

Communicate what they have learned more easily in their exams

Keep a  clear head and answer the questions in the right way, in the right time,  drawing on all that you know and understand , delivering it concisely and accurately in legible handwriting, typed or in spoken word

Normally €97 get it now at 90% off Click here

Here’s what some students have said already

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Register now and get access to this course so that you or the students in your family can achieve their full potential by

Eliminating distractions,

Removing anxieties,

improving memory,

Linking what they have learned to what they already knew and then Communicate their knowledge, ideas and information in a way that gets them the highest marks in the exams.

If you know anyone who would value this window of free access to our complete course “Concentration Made Easy for Exam Students” then please do them the favour of sending them this information and this link to register for the FREE access window.

Anyone who misses the window can still access the course at any time here


As someone who spent almost /0 years in teaching and the past 18 years supporting students at all levels to reach their full potential it  has been a great pleasure to bring my experience and skills together and create this independent study support course. It is wonderful to see so many students using the free mini course and the Complete course to improve their ability to focus , concentrate, learn, link and communicate more effectively.

May I wish every student doing exams the best of luck!

( of course you make your luck with great preparation, anticipation of what may arise, and by responding positively to what arises rather than reacting negatively and spoiling your opportunities)