90 Minute Focus Method


Mind Focus Expert Padraig King is founder of the 90 Minute Focus Method. He uses this with clients worldwide to help them focus their concentration and stay on task for up to and beyond 90 minutes at a time.

Training Options:

You will learn

  • Why you become distracted and how to switch distractions off

  • What internal distractions are limiting the time you spend on tasks

  • Which tasks to focus on first

  • How to set smarter goals

  • Which resources you need to gather in so that you have the sustained energy to stay focused for longer

  • How and when to apply the 90 Minute Focus Method in your business.

  • How to stay on task and totally focused for up to 90 minutes at a time and beyond.

  • Eliminate all distractions, focus your energy, time and resources on the priority task and How to complete priority tasks successfully

  • Get more done in less time

  • How to have more time to relax and spend with the people and activities that matter most to you and your business

  • so that you have the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your endeavours., give you the greatest satisfaction and make your work life balance so much richer and rewarding. 

Expected Outcome: You will learn the 90 Minute Focus Method and be able to apply it in your business so that you can achieve greater efficiency and deliver tasks not just on time but ahead of expectations.

If this sounds like something you would like for yourself and your business team then book straight away!

Methodology: Explanation, Demonstration, Practice, Self-Evaluation, Discussion, Clarification, Practice, Application and Competence!

Resources: Training Notes, Workbook and Audio Visualisations.

Accessibility: This is a fully interactive training with hands on practical steps laid out sequentially and is fully accessible and can be adapted for those in wheel chairs!