An inspiration to our nation…

Congratulations to the competitors and support staff of our Paralympians in Super Team Ireland! More medals and more personal best performances than any team before them at London 2012 Paralympics!  We are so proud of our super-heroes.

Today we look forward to another day of great sports-person-ship which is being recognised internationally with supporters from many other countries cheering for our team. With just 49 competitors we have won the hearts and admiration of a large contingent of supporters from around the globe and won more medals than anyone could have dreamt possible. David and Goliath spring to mind.

Today sees Super Team Ireland compete again and we wish each one the calm peaceful presence of mind and body to achieve their unique potential, which they have shown is not limited by physical or mental obstacles, impairments or excuses.

We could learn a lot from our super-heroes. They are an inspiration to a nation in recovery from a wounding crash.