Q: What is anxiety?
A:Very Stressful! In fact stress and anxiety are in the same spectrum.

To understand stress we need to see it as a natural condition that affects all living beings. Even single cell amoeba experience stress. Stress is a continuous line between distress and eustress and anxiety.

Distress is when you are negatively impacted but something or some thought or emotion.

Eustress is when you are euphoric- delighted and excited about something, some thought or some emotion.

Anxiety comes about when we are more distressed and not able to bounce back to our normal selves.

Every form of stress triggers chemical and physical changes take place in your body and brain.

When you are excited and delighted you produce happy chemicals and the entire body is triggered to embrace the source of your happiness and extract more from there if possible.

When you are distressed or anxious your brain and body produce a different batch of chemicals and your primitive reflexes and instincts kick in and prepare you to fight the source of your distress or to escape from it.

When you are unable to fight or run away from the source of your troubles or you are unable to reach out and claim more of the happiness and good feeling then you experience anxiety. Anxiety can last for seconds, Hours, days, weeks or even years.

As soon as you become anxious your inner security systems switch off and you focus your attention outwards looking for signs of danger or pleasure . Every sense is heightened and your attention jumps from one stimulation to the next. No matter what moves, what makes a sound, a flash, changes even slightly, your attention is drawn to it. It is as though you are struggling to stay safe, to protect yourself  and ready to jump into action at any opportunity to fight or whatever brings you pain or to grab more of what you hope will bring you pleasure.

Escape routes (Flight Reflex) for those with anxiety are often ingenious and include sleeping all day and awake all night, burying the head in the sand and becoming cynical of everything and doing nothing to change their miserable situation. Blaming others for their misery is another feature of the escape reflex.

No matter what the anxiety is about whether it is an unfulfilled promise of please or an experience of pressure and pain there are ways to alleviate your anxiety and with the right techniques and an expert understanding it is possible to wipe away many years of anxiety in a few short sessions.

Now, what I do is not psychology, psychiatry or any other strategy you might think of. No, I start from a different point and get you doing a few simple physical activities that literally switch your anxiety off and focus your attention inwards and reestablish your inner security. You no longer hunger for satisfaction from outside as you are safely, easily, happily experiencing a warm cosy feeling of enough-ness or fulfilment and inner peace.

The simple activities that I use work with everybody, of every age, and once I have taught them to you then you will be able to use them whenever you wish.

Here are 4 of my activities to reduce your anxiety.

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