Optimal Brain Organisation Course on November 2nd-3rd-4th 2018 for 2 people

The Optimal Brain Organisation Course - Attending with a Friend  November 2nd-3rd-4th 2018

Learn how to bring those skills you have in the best area of your life to every other area, so you may

  • completely upgrade your performance,
  • feel better,
  • think faster and clearer,
  • speak with certainty and
  • act from your inner core of strength

rather than hoping for the best, but never quite making it happen.

Developed by Dr. Carla Hanaford and Dr. Paul Dennison this course uses many of the insights and skills used in Brain Gym to naturally and instantly transform the organisation of your brain and body so that inefficient and ineffective neural patterns are replaced by more comfortable and relaxed pathways in your brain that make everything you do safer and easier.

We encourage you to bring a friend or family member (13 or older) to practice with, during the course, and to support you afterward - as two heads are always better than one for remembering what you both learned and for encouraging each other to put into practice your new skills and activities in your family, workplace, sports and everywhere else you want to be at your very best.

Offered in Ireland exclusively by Padraig King this course is presented over a three day weekend.

Dates: November 2nd-3rd-4th 2018

Fees: €530 for one attendee / €795 for two paying together.

Pay for yourself now to Optimize your Brain and transform your life from trying to thriving, from struggle to success!

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