Successfully Have the Better Life You Deserve 79 Seminar led by Padraig King 79
On the 26th June 2001 at 10:58 I was involved in a life changing accident.
I interpreted this accident and the physical fallout as my final wake-up call to start living my life to the full and use the gifts I had been given.
The accident paralysed me from the neck down, but using what I had learned about the body and brain I set about restoring my own wellness, mobility and brain functions.
From a point where I couldn’t even speak to where I am now was a tough journey and there are still parts of my memory that are hidden from me. However, even though I was crippled and in severe pain Clue Ra seemed to appear at my door and looking for help. I started seeing clients almost as soon as I left hospital.
I was too weak to stand so I developed a sitting down version of all I had been taught and I also focused on helping my blushes to help themselves as I was too weak to do it for them .
Since then my work has evolved and I now rarely need to touch my clients to activate their recovery to wellness but use my voice a d a body of shortcuts that have proven to be highly effective time after time in accelerating their healing.
I see clients st my clinics and have many overseas clients that connect with me by FaceTime, Skype and other video call apps.
My greatest pleasure is teaching people of l ages to switch on their brain and body to achieve their true potential and create the success and satisfaction in their lives that they deserve.
That is why I have been working away at creating my new seminar “successfully have the life You Deserve“ and why I feel so strongly about bringing this information to as many people as possible.
It is as though my whole life has been working up to this and all the insights, experience and information that I know is worthwhile having is packed into this seminar.

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