What is Brain Gym
Brain Gym is a natural readiness for learning programme that uses 26 activities to switch on the brain and body helping each person to develop their Physical Literacy, Language and other Essential ingredients to make Learning Easier and Possible!

Benefits of Brain Gym
It uses the 26 activities and a number Easy strategies to help reorganise the way the brain and body to work together on more efficient ways that make learning, language and living easier !

Brain Gym is Tried, Tested and Found to be one of the Top 10 most effective programs by the Dept of Education (USA) since 1980’s
It was developed by Dr Paul Dennison – a Reading Specialist – who is renowned as the person who has switched on Whole Brain Learning for millions of students of all ages from preschoolers to mature students and post doctoral academics, sportsperson and business people around the globe.

My Own Story 
Before I met Brain Gym life was difficult and challenging for me as a learner, teacher, mature student and I frequently found that I was not understanding what other people seem to be grasping.

Once I met Brain Gym I began to use it and realised in the first day that this way unlocking areas of my brain what were closed off to me. The mode I learned about Brain Gym the more I became unlocked for learning, language, confidence and so much more.
Eventually I went to Britain to train with the best available in Europe and then went to California to train with the originator of Brain Gym , Dr Paul Dennison.

When I was a school teacher
I have seen with my own eyes when I was a full time teacher and since then in my clinical practice just how safely, easily, quickly, happily, effectively and efficiently Brain Gym helps learners of all ages and ability levels with “being present”, Listening, Concentration, Organisation skills, Tidiness,
Memory, Comprehension – oral and reading , Learning, Communication and Cooperation.

Results I have seen with my own eyes
I have seen how it also facilitates Better Balance, Improved
Coordination and can be used to
Improve Handwriting ✍,
Bike Riding,
Horse Riding,
Running and
Goal kicking skills!

i know Brain Gym is Powerful
I’m passionate about using Brain Gym and I have dedicated myself to promote and use Brain Gym both for myself everyday and those I work with.

Here’s part of the reason why I know Brain Gym works :-
“As a classroom teacher , resource-teacher and learning support teacher in schools both in Ireland and in Spain I understood the meaning of “ You can bring a horse to water but you can not make him drink”

That was until I discovered that Brain Gym prepares the learner and enables them to learn.

Brain Gym enables the student to drink in , absorb, memorise and use what they have learned in a meaningful way that allows them to experience success, reach their true natural potential and take their full place in society!

Once I had learned Brain Gym…
Once I learned Brain Gym, and applied it with the kids I was teaching, everything changed and they immediately overcame blockages that stopped them reading fluently and with comprehension , that had stopped them doing Mathematics ⏰.
Brain Gym unlocked their ability to learn.

Learning Became Easier
Learning Became Easier for Everybody no matter what spectrum or Dyslexia, Dyscalculia or other challenge they were labelled with, and even the so called ‘gifted and talented kids’ made greater progress ✅ once I used Brain Gym with them.

Standardised Tests Showed Real Results after Using Brain Gym:
Over three months of using Brain Gym daily the reading age of every 3rd class child in three schools jumped by at least 6 months while those already fluent streaked ahead of themselves by 18 months on standardised tests. They never lost this gain ! Maths age jumped by over 4 months for the weakest child while those already understanding Maths jumped ahead by 18 months on standardised tests.

Tickets ( max 30 places at each event) are now available for Students ‍‍‍, Parents ‍‍‍‍ , Educators ‍‍ including Learning Support Teachers , Resource Teachers and Special Needs Assistants

Book Boyle Friday November 3rd https://goo.gl/5Zx2MX

Book Dublin Saturday November 4th https://goo.gl/F4NGpL

Book Tickets for Cork Sunday November 5th https://goo.gl/wYtNYg

Limited tickets ( max 30 places) remaining at each venue.

Who can use Brain Gym ?
Anyone can learn Brain Gym and when you use it at the Brain Gym Introduction Day you’ll experience for yourself just how powerful it can be at unlocking the truest natural potential we all have to learn .

How to Switch on for Learning
Eliminate the resistance, blockages, negative attitudes and help those you care for and your self to make Learning easier, Success more possible and Explore the possibilities opened up when the whole brain and Body are switched on correctly for learning.

Opportunity Knocks
So, if you want to explore what Brain Gym may unlock in you , your child or in those you work with then Book your seat as this opportunity will not come again!

Remember that every day lost to obstacles and negativity in a learner’s life is a day wasted. So, Help them to unlock their potential and help then switch on their Whole Brain and Body with Brain Gym .

Group Rate
For a limited time we offer a group of 4 tickets at a reduced rate.

A Truly Rewarding and Enlightening Day
I believe that your day spent exploring and experiencing Brain Gym will be rewarding and enlightening and as presenter I will do all that I can to make it a day to remember!

Share ❤️
Please spread the word, invite your friends, your child’s principal, special needs assistant ( if applicable) and teachers, your colleagues, all students 14 and over as well as anyone else who may benefit from a fun filled day that will open new pathways to learning , living more meaningfully and moving more energetically in a desirable way!
Coffee Tea and Starting Time
Tea, coffee and registration from 9:30 .
Doors close at 10am and then the real fun begins !

My Promise to You
You will leave with a clear head, more energetic than you came with and the keys to unlock learning for those you truly love and care for!

See you there!
Looking forward to seeing you there and helping you to feel calm, relaxed and happy with a positive attitude, actively engaged with a clear mind and enthusiastically engaging! Imagine that !

Finally take that step! Unlock Learning! Book Now !
Now book your places and experience it for yourself and bring home the knowledge and joy of learning to use with those you truly love !


Tickets for Boyle: https://goo.gl/5Zx2MX

Tickets for Dublin: https://goo.gl/F4NGpL

Tickets for Cork : https://goo.gl/wYtNYg

Remember to share ♥️ this with anyone that may benefit from unlocking their learning potential and achieving more success‍‍⛹‍♀️⛹‍♀️!

Thank you, Regards, Padraig King