Brain Gym©️ Training for Business


With advances in research and fresh understandings of the brain and neurology we now know that your actions, thoughts, emotions and words can be regulated and manged more efficiently and effectively because we can train your brain to function differently. Brain Gym® was developed by Dr Paul Dennison in the USA and grew out of his work in helping children to read. Soon he realised that the activities he was using to make new and more efficient neural patterns kin their brain were changing their ability to think, move, make decisions, communicate and perform more confidently, were applicable to adults also. It is his activities and strategies that are taught in this 1 ,2 and 5 day course.

Training Options

In 2 hours get an introduction to Brain gym and discuss how it might be applied in your business.
In one day, you get an introduction to Brain Gym and some simple activities to switch on your brain, explore when and where Brain Gym may benefit your business, eliminate waste and reduce costs.
In two days learn to apply Brain Gym to boost confidence, improve communication and increase productivity.
In the 5-day course you get the complete package, all of Paul Dennison’s activities, strategies and Padraig King’s experienced application of these to business situation.

Expected Outcome: You will learn to apply Brain Gym in your business to drive greater efficiency, effective communication and you will get a deeper understanding of what makes you and others choose the courses of action that we take. With extensive use of noticing you will become a keen observer of body language and the underlying beliefs and emotions that it can convey.

If this sounds like something you would like for yourself and your business team then book straight away!

Methodology: Explanation, Demonstration, Practice, Self-Evaluation, Discussion, Clarification, Practice, Application and Competence!

Resources: Training Notes, Workbook and Audio Visualisations.

Accessibility: This is a fully interactive training with hands on practical steps laid out sequentially and is fully accessible to all!