Brain Gym 101 Course contents

Padraig King gets everybody moving in a fun and relaxed way

Padraig King gets everybody moving in a fun and relaxed way

The first Brain Gym course most people attend is the basic course for beginners Brain Gym 101  Course as it is called in America.

The course covers the 26 Brain Gym activities, Brain Gym protocols or “Balances” which help to make the changes in the neurology of brain and body.

On Arrival

When you arrive at the course you will be welcomed and put at your ease. After registration you will be invited to do some relaxing  Brain Gym activities which prepare the body and brain to participate and proceed successfully.

Then a little of the background about Brain Gym and it’s originator, Dr. Paul Dennison will be presented.

The format then involves watching as Padraig King demonstrates a Brain Gym Balance with a course participant.understanding why, how and what is happening and be able to apply this new information at home , at work and in their own lives.

This is followed by any clarifications, explanations etc needed and then

Each participant gets to practice the Brain Gym balance in a structured and guided way that ensures they will achieve the goal and learn to use  Brain Gym effectively and efficiently in  a practical manner,

After each balance there is an opportunity to reflect  on the changes observed and personally experienced.We record each balance to help embed the learning at many levels and discuss the changes and experiences to allow each person to communicate and comprehend each balance fully.

Combined the Brain Gym activities and protocols/Balances provide a set of tools that have been reported to facilitate change and prepare learners, sports people,business owners and many othwrs to achieve their peak performances in a calm and consciously controlled manner.

These changes have been reported to help the person become ready to engage in a positive manner, become actively involved in the process, clear about outcomes desired and energised and motivated internally to proceed.

Brain Gym has been reported to facilitate rapid changes in functioning, easier learning, more graceful movement, improved attention, behaviour, concentration, comprehension, focus,  listening, memory, motivation, penmanship, reading, sequencing,sorting, spatial awareness, timekeeping etc.