2 hour workshop

Two hours of Brain Gym®

with Padraig King M.A. (Ed) B.Ed.

International Brain Gym Trainer and Consultant Padraig King will demonstrate  how quickly and easily changes can be made in learning, literacy, numeracy, motivation and performance using Brain Gym activities to prepare the student to to engage fully, embrace and learn.

After just 2 hours

  • You will have learned 7 simple, safe and effective activities to use with your students individually, in groups or as a whole class.
  • You will have seen for yourself how quickly and easily your own abilities can be upgraded.
  • You will know how and when to use these activities to facilitate learning, literacy, numeracy, appropriate behaviour and coordinated movement.

Drawing from his extensive teaching experiences and his educational consultancy practice,  Padraig will show you how quickly and easily you can facilitate each child to learn and live closer to their full potential . He will show how this can be more readily achieved when they are shown how to use Brain Gym activities.

Workshop with Padraig King

Workshop with Padraig King

Brain Gym was developed as a way to facilitate readers with severe difficulties to read with fluency, comprehension and enjoyment. Over 50 years it has evolved and grown into a body of 26 activities that facilitate literacy, learning, coordinated movement and balance.

Padraig King spent almost 20 years in mainstream, learning support and resource teaching in schools in Tallaght, Clondalkin and rural Sligo. His interest in Brain Gym grew as he saw how it made many aspects of his own dyslexia easier to manage. He was also encouraged and excited by the speed and ease with which students of all ages and backgrounds made progress once they were given the tools to overcome their obstacles. Children who were disaffected and classed as “lazy” and “could do better” were soon turned on, performing in class and achieving their potential.


Who is this workshop for?

Of benefit to all those interested in education, parents, education professionals, school principals, class teachers, Learning Support, Resource and Special Needs teachers and assistants.

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