In-service Training in Brain Gym for Teachers

If you are a Teacher or School Principal looking for a 2 hour training session on using Brain Gym in your school to boost performance and help your staff and students to live and learn more calmly and mindfully, then you are in the right place.


What is Brain Gym?

Brain Gym is a set of recognised practical, physical activities and strategies
that are used by many schools to implement real and lasting changes
in the performance and confidence of each student.

What does Brain Gym do?

Brain Gym facilitates literacy and personal development, reading, writing, spelling, tables and maths as well as preparing the child to succeed in all that they do.

Other skills like Joined-up thinking and problem solving become easier, more enjoyable, efficient and effective also.

What do you get from the Inservice Hours from Brain Gym?

In my 2-hour “Croke Park” practical Brain Gym presentation and workshop you will experience, learn, understand how Brain Gym is not just relevant in your teaching, but useful and simple to use in your classrooms, on the the sports field, in drama, singing and general communication.

Brain Gym benefits the child at a physical, mental and emotional level raising confidence, building competence and expanding their ability to reach their true potential.

Who is Presenting this Training?

Hello, I’m Padraig King MA BEd and after many years as a school teacher in classrooms, resource and learning support I realised that there was more I could offer my students by bringing Brain Gym into my teaching.

I studied at home and abroad and qualified as internationally accredited Brain Gym consultant and trainer.

When I began to apply the simplest of Brain Gym activities in my teaching I saw immediate results with rapidly climbing reading ages, maths ability and overall confidence of the children rising to new heights.

Soon I found myself double-jobbing and becoming exhausted, so in 2002, I chose to work fulltime with individuals and families in my own clinics throughout Ireland.
As Brain Gym is safe, relaxing and empowers the teacher and learner to achieve their true potential by removing obstacles and resistances to learning I have been invited by Education Centres and provided Summer Courses and Training throughout the years.
I also provide in-service training like “Croke Park Hours” for teachers.

What will teachers get from the presentation on Brain Gym?

Here are my 5 promises to you:
1, At 3 pm on the day you will leave feeling calm, relaxed and happy.
2, You will be ready, willing and able to apply Brain Gym in your own life and with your family immediately.
3, You will be applying Brain Gym successfully in your teaching from the very next day.
4, If you use Brain Gym consistently you will mirror my amazement at how quickly your children learn and make progress
5, Every child in your class will benefit from using Brain Gym.

In the 2-hour presentation I will
Introduce the main concepts on which Brain Gym is based
Give you an activity to make Reading easier, more fluent and memorable
Teach you an activity to make Listening easier, more accurate and comprehensive
Get you doing an activity to make Handwriting easier, more legible and more fluent
Show how Copying from the Board can be made easier, more accurate and faster

I’ll show you how to use a simple, fun and quick Brain Gym routine that takes just 3-4 minutes to complete but delivers 15-30 minutes of great concentration especially useful for settling a class after a break or interruption.

This Quick and Simple Brain Gym Routine facilitates learning in school and children can use it when doing their homework.

Benefits of Brain Gym for Schools

Where schools have adopted Brain Gym as a teaching aid
they see positivity grow,
clarity of thinking rise,
levels of participation change
and the overall energy that children have for learning increase.

Check Availability

Some dates are still available so contact me to book your Inservice hours and get the benefits of Brain Gym in your school as soon as possible.

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