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Padraig King is our Consultant and is highly qualified and experienced in dealing with every aspect of the the brain, body and the full range of skills that can be improved and coordinated to make life, learning , movement and communication easier and more enjoyable.


All sessions are carried out while you are fully clothed and all under 18’s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Where you, as an adult, are attending for your own session it is advisable to bring a good friend or family member to accompany you,  as often you are so involved in the session that you may not recall a lot of what was said.


Your friend/family member can  also support you by ensuring that you follow through at home for a week or two with the one or two activities that will help to make the changes to the way you think, move and communicate permanent.


It helps enormously if you fill out the relevant form as we can prepare  for your appointment with the information supplied below.