Brain Gym is a readiness program developed over many years of trial and improvement.

It works by

  • identifying the areas in which a person has difficulties in concentrating,
  • setting a goal to deal with these specific areas,
  • providing fun Brain Gym activities that facilitate changes in how the person concentates.
  • then we celebrate the changes made
  • finally we select a supporting acitivity the person can do at home to support their changes

To concentrate we must be able to perform many tasks automatically and focus on doing just the task required.

Brain Gym prepares the person to concentrate by helping them to reduce the conscious attention they pay to “distractions” and bring their attention to the task in hand.

All this is done in a simple manner that facilitates the person to feel more positive, actively engaged and focusing, clear thinking and energised and motivated to perfom at their best.

To improve your concentration or the concentration of others we invite you to contact us about an appointment for yourself or someone you care about.

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