Exam Success

To succeed in exams involves many skills and the quick thinking and clarity of mind that Brain Gym is reported to be excellent at creating and maintaining these through out your exams

Preparing for exams requires motivation, discipline, concentration, planning and revision. Brain Gym individual sessions, workshops and seminars have helped students to achieve their goals and get the results they deserved as they felt calm, relaxed,well prepared and they maintained their self control throughout their exams.

Handwriting, timekeeping, clarity of mind and sustained concentration are reported to be enhanced after using Brain Gym and most of the activities that might be required to top these up during an exam can be done sitting and without disturbing others or drawing attention to ones self.

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From driving and pilot tests, entrance and promotion exams, Ph.D. students to the Friday spelling test in primary school, people using Brain Gym experience success where they previously experienced distress, anxiety and were not able to show their true knowledge and skill.

They report to us that when they used Brain Gym before and where necessary during the exams they maintained the composure and flow of information and fluency of skills that they felt guaranteed them success.

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