Brain Gym activities work to make learning easier through activating the relevant areas of the brain and neurology before the learning begins.

The state of readiness to learn that facilitates a child can be achived quickly, easily and by anyone of us to absorb, learn, understand and use information more easily.

The Brain Gym program ficuses on preparing to learn through doing specific natural movements done by chuildren and adapted by educator and reading specialist Dr. Paul E. Dennison and his wife and colleague, Gail E. Dennison who say that the interdependence of movement, cognition, and applied learning is the basis of their work.

Business, sports, creative and adminisytrative clients, teachers, and students have been reporting for over 20 years on the effectiveness of these simple Brain Gym activities.

Even though it is not clear yet “why” these movements work so well, they often bring about dramatic improvements in areas such as: