On Monday, 10/11/14,  West Cork Education Centre in Dunmanway held two 2 hour  presentations on Brain Gym for educators. These were attended by principals, primary and second level teachers, Learning Support and Resource teachers, SNAs  and  others keenly interested in making learning, living and movement easier for their students.

What they did not expect was that they would be entertained, energised and leave feeling fresher, less tired and more clear headed than they arrived.

At the end of every Brain  Gym presentation we ask how people are felling and consistently hear the same reports that the participants feel more alive, energise, clear headed and have shifted from where they were at previously to a more positive frame of mind.

The actual content of the presentations as delivered by Padraig King  was recorded  and the unedited version can be accessed by registering here.

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Once you are confirmed as registered you will receive an email with the links to access the audio fo both the 4:30pm and 7pm presentations. The content of each audio is similar but each presentation is tailored to meet the questions and understandings of the participants present.

The presentations were centred around a PDF which will be sent to you whenyou are confirmedasregistered. The Document  details how to do specific Brain Gym activities to make aspects of learning easier.

Brain Gym is a readiness programme and those who use the activities before beginning to learn move or enrage in communication have been delighted to discover that they are able to move past previous boundaries of skill, ability and comprehension.

Padraig King showing how to do a Brain Gym activity

Padraig King showing how to do a Brain Gym activity

Padraig King M.A. B.Ed. delivers Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology training internationally. He is also a private consultant seeing children teens and adults and making learning, living and movement easier and more efficient for them.

Brain Gym is a registered trademark of Brain Gym® International/Educational Kinesiology Foundation, Ventura, California. www.braingym.org