International Brain Gym Trainer and Consultant Padraig King will present a Brain Gym Introduction Day for teens and adults.

No previous experience needed – just bring along your brain or better still a few friends and family to share the fun experience.

You will experience Brain Gym, make changes to the way that you read, write, calculate, listen, pay attention, remember, concentrate , focus and study with greater ease and effectiveness .

You will learn how to shift from a negative attitude and approach to thinking positively in just 5 minutes.

Brain Gym activities are tools for life but can be applied in any home, school, college or workplace . Millions of people worldwide use Brain Gym to make living easier, more productive, rewarding and enjoyable. Attend and you know how to use these to make your life easier, more productive, successful and enjoyable.

We invite you to bring your smartphone or tablet to make recordings of the before and after evidence as you will see real changes taking place in yourself and those around you as you learn to use the Brain Gym activities.
We would appreciate it if you shared the to http://BrainGym.ie/sharingafter the event so that other attendees can see these changes also.

A video will be made of this presentation and your attendance implies permission to being recorded as part of the audience.
A Brain Gym Ireland video of the presentation will be available online next day.
Two types of tickets are available

Our simple Admission Tickets at €20 include admission, refreshments and light lunch.
Or Upgrade to the Admission Ticket and Access to Video Ticket will give you full access to this video on the day after your event.

We look forward to making this the best event ever!

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