Padraig King

Padraig King

Our internationally accredited trainer Padraig King first met “Brain Gym” when it was known as Educational Kinesiology while on a Kinesiology course with Risteard De Barra. At the time Padraig was a teacher in a primary school on Tallaght. He used one of the techniques shown at the weekend in his class on the following Monday and was amazed by how easily and quickly the child’s reading changed, improved so much that all of the other pupils clamoured to be next to the activities and make major improvements in their dreading. That was in the final years of the last century.

Padraig knew that Educational Kinesiology would not be usable in classes in Ireland in its original format as that  involved muscle testing and therefore involved touch contact with the pupils. So, when he heard that there was a non-contact form available which was  known as “Brain Gym” he flew to Bristol and studied it.

Brain Gym changed  Padraig King’s life. As an adult he had discovered that he was dyslexic. Brain Gym made so much difference to his ability to think clearly, make decisions and learn, recall and communicate what he knew that his life direction changed.

Brain Gym  was even more powerful that he had expected it to be. Using Brain Gym in his classroom and later as a learning support and resource teacher her was astonished by the rapid and permanent changes Brain Gym was making to pupils seeing, reading, writing, spatial organisation, auditory and visual memory, tidiness, comprehension and the ability to make clear high quality good decisions.
Padraig King was so impressed with Brain Gym that he began sponsoring trainers to travel from the UK to  train educators, parents, teachers, psychologists, inspectors, and a wide range of business and others  in Ireland. As padraig sat in and participated as a student in all of this training he build experience, skill and gradually as he grew in confidence he undertook extensive  training in Ireland the UK and  USA to qualify as a consultant and then later to attain International Trainer level.

Brain Gym 101 Participants

Brain Gym 101 Participants

In all, close on two thousand people have attended Brain Gym Ireland conferences, workshops, presentations, courses in Ireland. We like to keep numbers small at our events as quality matters more than quantity when you are dealing with real people and we aim to tailor and language every event to the needs of the attendees. Bot only did Brain Gym change Padraig King’s life but many thousands of lives in Ireland have been improved when they learned and used Brain Gym. Padraig runs a busy Brain Gym Practice in Boyle and holds monthly clinics in Ardee, Derry, Dublin, Galway, Killarney, Limerick, Thurles and occasionally in Portlaoise by appointment. Having taught and presented Brain Gym in almost every county in Ireland, Padraig  teaches Brain Gym courses now in Boyle and in Dublin.

Those who have experienced Brain Gym are fortunate people indeed and they have all learned how to

  • Change from a negative to a positive frame of mind in a few minutes.
  • Raise their energy with just a few sips if water,
  • Make clear decisions,
  • Switch on all of their brain and body with 30 seconds of specific movement,
  • Feel grounded and centred rather than scattered and worried,
  • Become calm and peaceful throughout their whole body and brain in a minute.

Brain Gym is a set of simple activities that use natural actions to prepare the brain and body to

  • be still,
  • to concentrate,
  • to learn,
  • to memorise,
  • to communicate effectively,
  • to organise and understand information and resources .

extra skills and make Brain Gym even more useful for yourself.