With Padraig King as your course facilitator you will experience a revolution in thinking that will leave you feeling relaxed, renewed, refreshed and full of energy as well as enjoying a freat course where you will learn to use Brain Gym for yourself and this you care about.
Experience your brain, body, attitudes and confidence levels change positively as you gain insights and knowledge in the unique Brain Gym course.

Over two weekends you will have ample time to relax,  release your old reactions to stress and begin to respond positively to challenges, change, decision making and setting the goals that you want to achieve in your life right now and into the future.  Best of all once you know how to do this you can bring home the skills to your family and friends.

People who attend this course arrive with the intention of helping a child, a class or someone they know who has difficulties in learning and literacy, behaviour or concentration.  After a while they realise that they are getting so much more from the course because they are actually stripping away their own blockages, compensations and difficulties that had gone unnoticed  but were unconsciously holding  them back from success.

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