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Brain Gym Introduction Day in Dublin November 4th 2017

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On Saturday Nov 4th, in Finnstown Castle Hotel, Lucan we invite you to meet Ireland’s own Internationally accredited Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym Consultant and Instructor, Padraig King, who will introduce you to Brain Gym, demonstrate how it works, why it works and how useful it may be for you and those you care for. 10-1 and 2-4:30. Lunch available at the venue but not included .

“A truly valuable day filled with information, fun activities, with practical application for students, teachers, SNAs, parents, sportspeople and those in business.

By switching on your whole brain and body you prepare yourself to live more fully, learn more easily, perform closer to your peak, have improved learning, reading, memory, concentration, understanding and more meaningful communication. ”    Máire Ní G.

Finnstown Castle Hotel, Lucan

Brain Gym Venue: Finnstown Castle Hotel, Lucan

Live Q&A Session.
Tea/Coffee and Registration at 9:30am Doors close at 10am. Lunch available 1-2 (not included)
Closing Circle 4:30pm.


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“Book one of the of the Remaining Tickets Now with your Debit or Credit Card” :