Dyslexia: Padraig King's Step by Step Practical Guide to Successful Learning

Dyslexia: Well the question is often puts as “What Can’t Padraig King do for my son or daughter?” and the answer is simply that there is very little that can not be changed with the right attitude, approach and transformations strategies. Padraig King spent almost 20 years as a classroom teacher, learning support and resource teacher before moving into private practice as an Educational Consultant in 2002. He has experience, training and the natural instincts to cut straight to the root causes of your child’s difficulties and eliminate these as efficiently and effectively as your child is ready to transform.

Padraig has successfully help thousands of children, teens and adults to overcome challenges with

  • Dyslexia,
  • Dyspraxia,
  • Dyscalculia,
  • ADD & ADHD,
  • Autism
  • Reading,
  • Writing,
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling,
  • Math,
  • Communication,
  • Organisation,
  • Balance,
  • Coordination,
  • Processing speed
  • Understanding
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Frustration
  • Deep anger
  • and many other challenges limiting their success …

An internationally accredited trainer and consultant Padraig works with clients worldwide who and has specialied in helping children, teens and adults achieve their true potential in education, sport and day to day living.

Padraig King has already helped thousands of children (and their families ) by helping them to overcome the challenges presented by dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, lack of self confidence and many other restrictions that have held them back from fluent reading, real learning and well deserved success. Now he is ready, willing and able to help you son or daughter to achieve their true potential.

“Padraig King’s approach to overcoming dyslexia is simple, practical and successful”  . J. Reidy

To overcome the challenges presented by dyslexia Padraig King uses direct , simple, practical steps that are easy to follow and take the child through a transformation that grows their confidence, makes them feel they are in charge and is totally child centered.




The very first thing Padraig King did was to put our child at ease. He used a variety of approaches to relax our child and began  to learn how bright our child is, their strengths, their limitations and how to tailor make their journey from struggles to success. M. O’Brien


Step 2 Switching everybody to a Positive Attitude is essential for Success.

To switch everybody to a Positive Attitude is essential for success as the cynicism, negativity or aloofness of anyone of those present is picked up by the child attending and who is looking to  their parents and those they trust for clues and cues about how safe it is to participate and succeed.



We do two or three simple practical activities that take about 5 minutes to switch everybody from whatever state they were in to a more positive state of mind that allows them to participate and encourages the child attending to engage fully and confidently in the process of overcoming  and mastering fluent reading, easier learning and successfully communicating what they have learned and understood.

When you are stressed, worried, anxious or feeling cynical or suspicious you tend to stay uncommitted and wont participate fully in the process of change. when you feel safe and relaxed you are far more willing to extend your comfort zone and engage in learning new skills, finding shortcuts and seeing things from a different point of view.

Step 3 Establishing Their Abilities and Identifying the Cause of Your Child's Dyslexia

To establish your child’s  abilities and identify possible root causes cause of your child’s difficulties Padraig King uses a variety of activities.  These check reading fluency, vision, listening, processing speed, sensory integration, body mapping and spatial organisation among many other skills and abilities.

Combined with these he checks the ease of breathing, oxygen absorption, hydration levels, nutritional absorption, adrenaline levels and many other aspects of the physical, hormonal and mental state of your child  and this is all done in minutes.

These observations, checks and noticings are used as the baseline and recorded so that progress can be observed and measured.

Step 4 Establishing what your child would like to change

As the child is the key to their own success it is essential that they feel fully involved in the process and establishing what your child would like to change gives Padraig King the opportunity to tailor make the process of transformation to their wish.

However, far more is taking place than just granting their wish. This one thing that they would really like to have changed changed functions is like a stone dropped in the middle of a still lake that spreads out a ripple effect throughout the brain, neurology and body.


Step 5 Setting a SMARTER Goal


SMARTER goals include those magic words that motivate your child whole team to cooperate enthusiastically to achieve your child one desired result!




Imagine that your child’s brain and body are divided into three teams:

  • The Survival Team of your child’s brain and body need to be reassured that your child will continue to be safe
  • The Emotional and Acting Out Team need to be reassured that your child will deliver a fun reward
  • The Self-Management Team in your child’s brain resides in the frontal lobes and prefrontal lobes. This area give your child self-control, decision making and the determination to succeed. It needs to be reassured that your child will deliver the desired result

Smarter Goals get full participation from your child’s whole brain and body

Padraig king will help your child to word their SMARTER Goal l to get Full Participation from your child’s entire brain and body.

SMARTER Goals Have Specific Qualities:

  • Specific: Result takes just one SPECIFIC Goal and the simpler and more direct it is the more effective it will be
  • Measurable: Your child must be able to simply demonstrate that a measurable change has taken place
  • Achievable: Your child goal should involve a change so small that it takes just a single step outside your child comfort zone to achieve it while maintaining your child sense of security and safely
  • Real, Right and Relevant: Your child Goal must be simply and naturally worded so that it feels right for your child
  • Time Limited: Set a very short-term goal for results in the next 10 minutes, 30 minutes or so
  • Energising: Your child’s goal should fill them with energy and enthusiasm for the result
  • Rewarding: Your child’s goal must promise a result that rewards their  whole brain and body making the effort involved in achieving it worthwhile.


Because the changes brought about using SMARTER Goals are real,  verifiable, visible and tangible your child will be delighted and convinced that their wish has come true.

Wfter the transformation activities when Padraig King checks your child’s reading fluency, memory, processing speed etc once again against the baseline established earlier, it will be evident to all just how much change has taken place.

Because he involved your child fully in the process and empowered them to make the changes they are now growing in confidence and willing participants in the process and “can’t wait” for the next changes to be made.

Step 6 Transformation Activities
Step 7 Proving Just How Much Your Child has Changed

They saw the prof is in the pudding and that is exactly what we saw… my son’s reading went from faltering and stumbling over words to really smooth reading in the space of an hour. I never believed that he could read like this. Why didn’t we find Padraig King years ago and save him all the struggling and stress of reading with such great difficulty. I am nnot just impressed, i’m amazed. R. Corey

When Padraig King re-checks the activities done previously by the child, not only has the change the child wished for happened, but changes can be seen right across the other checked areas also. The ripple effect has started. It is a great joy to watch as parents and child alike are filled with positive emotions, relief and a deep and lasting gratitude that really visible changes have taken place.

Step 8 Rinse and repeat for other challenges and difficulties until the child's Dyslexia is Overcome

Tacking one wish or goal at a time means that the child is not overwhelmed with changes and by pacing the rate of change to suit the child’s capacity and readiness for change Padraig King helps each child to grow in confidence, think more clearly and overcome their challenges in fluent reading, communication, organisation, understanding, processing speed, listening, memory, visual anomalies and any other areas that are limiting their success. Dyslexia is a  collection of challenges and when attacked one by one, these can be overcome, mastered and your child can be successful in all they do once they have taken the steps needed with Padraig King and you.