Brain Gym FAQs

Is Brain Gym suitable for everyone?
As a Brain Gym professional Padraig King is trained to present and use the programme so that it is relevant and helpful to those he works with. Individual sessions are designed for your specific needs and ability and typical clients for Brain Gym range from children of 3/4 years to adults.


Brain Gym is used in business, sports, communication and education to facilitate each person to achieve their true potential.



Brain Gym is accessible to a wide spectrum of physical, social, behavioural and academic skills, from the most challenged to the very gifted. Brain Gym courses are designed for teens and adults.

Where is Brain Gym used?
Brain Gym is used in:
* Education – to enhance the physical skills that underlie learning, focus and attention
* Business – to improve communication, innovation and motivation
* Sport – to maximise physical co-ordination, and teamwork
* Performing arts – to increase creativity, build confidence and optimise self-expression for musicians, actors and dancers
* Personal development – to feel positive, develop any skill and achieve your highest potential
* Stress management – to feel calm and release destructive emotional, social and behavioural patterns
* Daily life – to harmonise relationships, organise and prioritise tasks and enjoy life to the full
* Creativity – to develop artistic and writing skills, intuition and imagination.


How is the Brain Gym programme distinctive compared to other self-development programmes?
The Brain Gym programme uses specialised movements and body-based techniques to help you achieve specific goals. The emphasis of the programme is on what you want to achieve and improve. You require no special talents or skills to use the programme and your Consultant or Instructor will help make it accessible to you.

Brain Gym can easily be used alongside other self-development and movement-based strategies.

Is Brain Gym the same as other movement based programmes  ?
The Brain Gym programme facilitates personal change to help maximise your potential in a specific area of your life, using techniques to enhance posture, alignment and freedom of movement. Edu-K is designed to integrate the senses and body rather than being an exercise workout.



How can Brain Gym activities be used in schools?
The Brain Gym programme is used in classrooms around the world. Brain Gym activities can be used successfully as a group or with individuals throughout the school day to prepare for learning. For further information, contact your local instructor, Padraig King by text at 0861723510 .


Has Brain Gym been approved for use in schools in Ireland?

The Department of Education and Science approved Brain Gym as a summer course for teachers as part of their Continuous Professional  Development  in July 2015. The course was presented by Padraig King in the West Cork Education  Centre and attended by 15 teachers. 



Can Brain Gym help with SEN, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia, SEN, ADHD, brain damage etc?
Many people with special needs and other learning difficulties use Brain Gym, as do people who are highly skilled.

The Brain Gym programme can be adapted to suit everyone’s individual needs. Brain Gym does not diagnose or claim to help any medical or psychological condition.

Its aim is to support people in moving towards their individual goals.



Can the use of Brain Gym decrease my stress levels?
Brain Gym may enhance your sense of well being and relaxation.
What happens in a one-to-one session?
Your  Brain Gym Consultant will discuss with you what you would like to achieve, a goal is set and a selection of  movement and body-based activities are then completed. This usually takes an hour to an hour and a half. Comfortable clothing is recommended.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult throughout individual sessions.


Do I need any special equipment or clothing?
No, all you need is comfortable footwear and clothing in which you can move easily.

How much is a session?
New clients visiting Padraig King’s clinics attend for up to 90 minutes and the fee is €150 payable in advance and fully guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied he will refund you immediately or offer equivalent in extra sessions – your choice .

(In 15 years he has been asked to refund only two people.)

Please contact your local Brain Gym Consultant for cost and availability. Text 0861723510.


How many sessions will I need?
This depends on what you would like to achieve. Some people need only a single session, others may come for several, gradually working through the issues they have chosen. Sessions can be scheduled as new challenges arise.

school learning

How often will I need to attend?
Sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs and may be spaced, as a guide, at 3-5 week intervals.

Can I use Brain Gym in my daily life?
Yes, Brain Gym can be used wherever or whenever you need it, so the tools you learn in a session will be yours for life.

Will I need to do the exercises every day to benefit from them?
After a session, you will often be asked to continue the techniques learned in the session for a few days or weeks depending on what you need.

What is Brain Gym’s relationship to other systems of Applied Kinesiology? 
Brain Gym uses feedback from posture, alignment and movement to select the most effective techniques for individuals to progress towards their goals.

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