Brain Gym 101 Course fun

Brain Gym 101 Course fun

Possibly the last 5 day Brain Gym® course ever presented by by Padraig King will take place in Boyle July 21 to 25. 3 places left.

Pay by 5pm Friday June 20th. and Save €97 Book with Deirdre on 0861723510 +353861723510
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 Since Padraig King qualified as an internationally accredited  Brain Gym instructor he has taught the 5 day course  each summer sometimes in July and other years in August.

 This year sees the  last scheduled 5 day Brain Gym course which has offered participants the unique opportunity to attend the Brain Gym 101 course in its entirety and get an extra day included for practices, reviewing and consolidation absolutely free.

This year to mark the final scheduled 5 day course Padraig King has invited secondary school students to participate in the course accompanied by a parent.  These students will benefit from the experience as they will learn just how easy it can be to switch on their whole brain for communication, concentration and organisation,

Participants learn to quickly and easily transform from uncoordinated to graceful movers, from hopeless kickers to hotshot goal scorers and from clumsy passers and receivers to stellar quality players across a spectrum of sports all in a few minutes during this unique course.

Participants who have strong dyslexic and dyspraxic traits and well as those with dyscaculia, poor memory and problems with concentration have seen their performances changed, improved and transformed.

If you are or a family member would like to attend this unique and final course please pay by 5pm Friday June 20th and Save €97. Book with Deirdre on 0861723510.

Call or  Viber +353861723510


Credit Cards Accepted - Debit Cards preferred*

Credit Cards*( 4% charge )Accepted - Debit Cards (FREE) preferred


Course fee includes attendance, light snacks, course notes and an official Brain Gym book by the course originators, Dr Paul Dennison and his wife Gail.
Lunch is in available in excellent local restaurants in Boyle town centre or bring your own.
Case Studies: Those who wish to complete case studies and have these assessed will send a fee of €59 when sending these for assessment and guidance.

TIP : *Avoid our Credit Cards Fee 4% by paying with your debit card. 

Tip: Pay by 5pm Friday June 20th  and Save €97 Book with Deirdre on 0861723510 +353861723510