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just imagine if you could transfer even a tny of your brilliance at cooking to chairing a meeting or public speaking: from playing football to studying for exams or from motoring to playing golf…..  well that is exactly what this course may help you to do.

When you excel in one area but not in another you have a specific pattern of thinking, feeling and doing that enables success in one are but you have a different “profile ” for those areas where you feel limited and are not experiencing as much success.

Experience the delight during this course as you learn how to activate your best brain organisation profile and expand it’s use to make previously difficult tasks easier and more satisfying.

Ideally you should have completed the Brain Gym 101 course before attending OBO as this course builds on the skills and experience of Brain Gym 101 course and extends these adding  similarly safe, effective and energising activities which are used to make real, lasting changes possible.

You will leave this course understanding your own and other people’s mental functioning,  behaviour and attitudes in a different way. You will have learned how to get access to your brilliant state of mind and best possible brain organisation profile. You will have learned to bring your brilliant ability from one area if your life to all others so that you can “raise your game” and live life as your very best self!

You will know how to use your new knowledge and skills with family and friends to help them improve their ability to function at their best and you will begin to integrate these new skills and experiences into the way you live, work and play every day .

You will have learned and put into practice making better choices and decisions and acting on these immediately.

This course is based on the work of Dr. Paul Dennison and his wife Gail as well as being shaped and informed by the expertise of many of Padraig King’s tutors, his own extensive experience and advanced training.

The 208 OBO course runs over 3 days Friday Saturday & Sunday in Galway.

This course  may be used as part of the development path for those who wish to train as Brain Gym – Educational Kinesiology Consultants and Instructors and can be used by many professionals as CPD part of their annual continuous professional development training.

Standard Course Fee €497 includes official Optimal Brain Organisation Profiles Course Manual, Padraig King’s course notes and a year’s support by WhatsApp after the course . If you are not already a member of the Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology Foundation UK then attending this course will activate your membership as a student.

[ Totally Optional:    Case study assessment is available and attracts an additional  €50 assessment and mentoring fee if you choose to submit case studies and gain extra CPD hours. }


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