You and your child make learning easier when you move! Movement builds Mental Ability .

When you do the Brain Gym activities the specific movements involved have been shown to make real and lasting changes to the neurology in your brain.

These changes in your brain that allow you to make neural shortcuts and more efficient neural pathways .

These neural pathways can help to eliminate wasted mental energy and speed up learning, comprehension, storage and recall of information.

There are specific Brain Gym activities / movements that have shown to be very effective in helping to make Learning,
and all other areas of learning easier,
more fun
and enable your child and yourself to participate fully, excel and succeed at what ever you do.

Brain Gym has ways to help eliminate fear of failure and performance stress, to remove obstacles to learning and deliver fluid, free and graceful movements that allow you and your child to develop physical literacy which is essential for literacy in reading, writing, computation, drawing and colouring inside the lives!

Physical literacy has made better communication, organisation and understanding of the world and what is being shown to you so much easier. Brain Gym delivers physical literacy in s Powerful, Positive, Peaceful and Practical fashion that generates and promotes learning when you are in a state of readiness that makes what ever you are doing more successful and more engaging!

To learn more attend the Brain Gym introduction Day near you!

The next Brain Gym introduction day will take place in Finnstown Castle Hotel, Dublin on Saturday November 4th and be repeated in the Vienna Woods Hotel, Cork on Sunday November 5 th.
For more details and booking click the link for the venue near you.
Dublin: https://goo.gl/F4NGpL
Cork : https://goo.gl/wYtNYg