Enjoy experiencing Brain Gym at our FREE Introduction  Day or “Taster” on Sunday October 4th in The Springfield Hotel, Dublin. Padraig King will show you how to use Brain Gym for yourself , your family and those you care about to improve memory, concentration, reading, writing, spelling, Maths, communication, understanding and peace of mind. Lear anything Faster.
Move more easily,. Relax deeply. Overcome difficulties in thinking, learning and movement. Adapt quickly to change and respond rather than react to the world around you. 

Get you FREE taste of what Brain Gym feels like

Get a FREE taste of Brain Gym

Want a taste of what Brain Gym feels like?
Learn to use Brain Gym activities to make the changes that you need or you may want in your life

Want to improve your reading, writing, spelling and Maths?

Want to improve your concentration, memory and focus?

Want to be able to do things more easily and have a better quality of life?

Then Brain Gym may be the answer for you!

So why not come along and sample Brain Gym for yourself.

Get a taste of what it feels like to use the Brain Gym activities for yourself.

This is a one off opportunity and will not be repeated.

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Places are limited so first come first served.