This is a practical course where you learn by experiencing the changes as well as seeing them

This course will focus on facilitating adults and children to achieve their true potential in education, communication , flexibility and movement, confidence and self expression..

All adults including parents and educators may attend.

Brain Gym 101 Course funBrain Gym 101 Course fun

This is an experiential course where you will experience and learn to
attitude: shift from a negative to positive,
coordinated movement and balance,
coping with overwhelm.
•goal setting,
•improve reading,
•neatness and tidiness,
•seeing and observation,
•self expression.,
•spellings and tables.

This practical course will run over two weekends and at the end you will be able to use the skills learned independently in your home, office and with those you care for.

The course will be presented by internationally accredited Brain Gym consultant and instructor, Padraig King.

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