Why BrainGym?

“Learning is that magical thing that takes place in a split second that changes us forever. In Brain Gym® we believe that no matter how many times we repeat a ‘learned task’ if a better way of doing it is presented and the whole brain/body system experiences the ease and joy of the new way, all former patterns can be released in a moment. This, for us is learning.” Dr. Paul Dennison – Brain Gym Originator

Why Brain Gym?

Our aim is that each person discover the joy of learning as a means to reaching their full potential.

Brain Gym uses a simple 5 step process to facilitate self-discovery, self-evaluation, observation, a thirst for knowledge and the setting of meaningful, realistic goals that move the student beyond their comfort zone and draws them into new learning in a scaffolded and structured way that facilitates success every time.

Each success builds confidence. Confidence breeds competence. Competence and confidence together facilitate self-belief, creativity, exploration and experimentation. These frequently lead to new and more enjoyable learning experiences as well as greater levels of internal motivation, self-esteem, self-reliance and independent learning.


Fundamental Principles of Brain Gym

Dr. Paul Dennison, a reading specialist, developed Brain Gym based on the principle that “Thinking is movement internalised”.

Acquire new strategies to help improve performance overall, with 26 specific Brain Gym movements that will improve thinking, movement, learning and literacy for all.

What does Brain Gym facilitate for a person?

Brain Gym® facilitates

successful and enjoyable literacy,

coordinated movement,





as well as living and learning as a whole person.

♥ Unlike  other programs for assisting children, teens and adults to make changes to their performance in sports, learning, literacy and communication, Brain Gym prepares the brain and body’s neurology to embrace change in a fun and engaging way that ensures success every time.

” “, ” “, ” ” ……  No more  repetition of a skill until the person switches off thinking and slowly absorbs the skill by osmosis. Skills acquired in this way are rarely used effectively and may need to be relearned frequently. e.g. a person who repeats a spelling aloud until they seem to “know” it but has forgotten it again in a short while.

♥ Now with Brain Gym the skill acquisition can be fun and immediate as their whole braion and body are ready to engeandlearn in a positive, active, clear and energised way. 🙂


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