Burnt out?

It’s not the business or the work that burns you out! It is the wasting time on distractions and things that could be automated oer delegated that drain your energy, melt your patience and light your fuse.

You got into this business because it gives you a buzz but the distractions annoy you and as the annoyance can build resentment which can quickly can build into anger and your anger gradually may turn against yourself even unconsciously and you stop doing those things that you know will refresh you, will reviatise you and energise you for the challenges of each new day. Self sabotage kicks in and you start making costly errors or judgement and doing unnecessary work that drains you further. Burnout happens when you have gone so deeply into the reserves that you built up in your body and mind that you have nothing left to give. Adrenalin alone can no longer drive you or sustain you so you become frazzled, disconnected and move into the danger zone.

If you are burnt out or approaching that point then it is time to STOP now  and call someone like me who can  in a  few online calls rebuild you, revitalise you and help you to release the negativity that got you burnt out in the first place. soon you'll be exercising again, eating properly, resting deeply and in control of what you feel, think, say and do. I’ll help you clarify your goals, find the energy to achieve them and give you the tools to get you from where you are to where you want to be  in a mindful and meaning ful way that engages and energises your woile brain and body.

Book a free 10 minute get to know you call  with me and let’s see how I can help get you back to your true self, firing on all cylinders and loving every moment of your day.