Ever Been in Pain? Find out How I Eliminate it for Maria- a busy woman with 3 kids

Case Study: Subject Padraig King; Spine, Hip, Pelvis, Knee and neck pain

If you ever had a severe pain in your head, back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, calf, ankle or foot then you’ll want to see this http://ht.ly/fY8Q30ixJTY

Have you ever had severe pain? Then you’ll know how limiting it can be!

The Collision That Changed the Course of My Life

Because I was involved in a head-on collision on the 4th of August 1990 my whole body was wracked by unending pain for two years. It was because if that accident that I learned I learned just how horrible living with pain and a misalignment of my pelvis and spine can be. I spent that two years of suffering day and night while following my consultant’s advice, my doctor’s suggestions and my Physiotherapist ‘s schedule of activities but continued to experience the pain and limitations that a misaligned body will have !
When I went to see a Kinesiologist in 2002 I had never heard of kinesiology before and I was very skeptical about what it could do for me but when I stood down on the ground after being on her treatment table I knew something significant had happened.
My pain of more than two years was gone and as I walked up to where I was getting a lift I passed some glass plate windows that reflected me as I walked past abs yo my amazement I could see that I was straight tall and taking full strides while walking again.

My Vow

I vowed there and then in Drimnagh, Dublin to learn how to do what Esther O Hanlon had done for me because I want to help others to be free from pain, stiffness and the misery and limitations that the misalignment of your body can bring.


My Mission Since 1992

Ever since 1992 I have been learning more and more about the body and how we can restore wellness freedom and every day I continue to refine my techniques so every person who visits my Clinics or works with me online gets a bespoke, one of a kind experience!
I am passionate about this and up to now have trained in seven modalities of wellness, healing and relaxation and I blend these together with my own understanding and experience to treat your Body and Mind to a relaxing and empowering therapeutic session that switches on your inner healing and makes your entire system focus it’s attention and resources on getting you well again.
Here is an account of a mother of young kids who came to see me. I was privileged to be able to help her to safely, easily, comfortably and happily, efficiently and effectively become free from her pain and reverse the weaknesses in her pelvis and lower back so she was able to resume her life and be a busy mother once again!

Have you ever had back pain? Stiffness? Soreness?
Then you’ll know how limiting it can be and how lucky you’d be to return to “ normal living” again.

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Maria's Recovery Story - Case Studt

When Maria came to see me first she had great difficulty walking and arrived moving with the aid of crutches.


Maria's Big Problem:

Having given birth to 3 kids her pelvis and her back were very much out of line and she had permanent pain, discomfort and stiffness.

s in your body these are symptoms that there is a structural problem that may need assistance.

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The Freebie:

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The Negative Impact on Her LIfe and Family

She could no longer pick up her baby and was not able to bend down to pick anything from the floor- and with three busy kids all under 5 there was always something out of place, broken or spilled that needed attention .

Even as she came in the door I could see her body was tilted to her right and that her shoulders were not level, her right hand hung 2 inches below her left and her breadth were also unbalanced .

To compensate for the body tilt to her right she held her head tilted to her left and I also noticed that one foot was turned out far more than the other.

I’d show you photos of before and after but I respect her right to privacy and for this reason I also changed her name slightly.

ss or altered sensation

Thee Solution to the Problem

We began as I always do with a brief history of what had happened to her body and then I explained that with my way of correcting her entire posture we would need 3/4 sessions where she would feel deeply relaxed as I facilitated her muscles to return to their natural muscle tone and bring every bone in her pelvis and spine into perfect alignment .


My Unique Customised Approach

I had her lie fully clothed, with shoes off, on my therapy table and put a rolled towel under her sacrum . [In craniosacral therapy I used to put my hand there, palm side facing upwards, but after I had experienced a crush injury under a 22 stone man I switched to using the towel which gives me the same effect. ]

We checked and noted the differences in the levels of her hip bones, the two sides of her pubis symphysis, the tops of each hip bone and also the slight difference in length of her legs when lying down.

Then I sat near her head, and based on her own life experiences, I created a visualisation that helped to release tensions from her head to toe.

We relaxed her body, mind and spirit so deeply that we activated the deep healing that normally takes place during the healing portion of a good night’s sleep .


Breathing Correctly Can Speed Up Recovery

After 7- 10 minutes when I felt that she had realigned sufficiently, I invited her to breathe in to the very bottom of her stomach and drew her attention to the fact that her breathing was restricted and limited to short shallow breaths.

With a quick release technique we managed to get Maria breathing to the bottom of her stomach. She told me she had had a Caesarean section and had been afraid to do the postnatal exercises that she had been shown. We did some activities that tightened her abdominal wall muscles and others to tighten up her pelvic floor muscles.

After a few minutes I had her sit up and later stand and then walk safely, easily, comfortably, happily, efficiently and in a coordinated manner.


Positive Feedback

The first thing she said was” it didn’t hurt to sit up”. Then “ it doesn’t hurt to stand” and then “ My God im walking ! I have no pain! Thank you Padraig, you are a miracle worker!” I replied that it was her Body that had the pain because if the imbalances and that her body had been given the opportunity and the right way to fix itself. All I did was provide the guidance and speak the visualisation. I told her “ your body is a wonderful creation and all the healing goes on internally between your God, universal energy, the spirit of wholeness and yourself- whichever you are into”


Aftercare and Folloqup

I suggested she have an Epsom salts bath that night and every night for a week and return to see me next time so we could take her Body to the next level of muscular integration .

She left happy and has sent many of her friends and family both men and women.



It is my privilege to be there to witness so much healing like this on a daily basis. In any day I see more real change than most people see in a month and it’s not because I have a special gift but simply that I listen to your body, find the root cause of the difficulties that’s triggered the symptoms like pain, discomfort and stiffness.

Maria had four sessions at that time and has successfully carried a fourth child who was born recently at more than 10 pounds weight

If you ever had a severe pain in your head, back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, calf, ankle or foot then you’ll want to see this http://ht.ly/fY8Q30ixJTY

Have you ever had severe pain? Then you’ll know how limiting it can be!

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