3 Things You Must Have for Great Concentration

Every year a new crop of students face exams and arrive unprepared.
Would you send your son or daughter to play football without boots?
Would you attempt to drive a long journey without checking you had enough fuel? Yet thousands of students, some of whom you may know or know of,  are expected to study without the concentration and application to settle down and study.

Schools do their best and many students seem to just “get it” but my heart goes out to those bright young minds who are stumbling and falling by the wayside simply for the want of concentration. . You probably know at least one student who is struggling with concentration right now!

My interest is personal because I was once one of these kids. With un-diagnosed dyslexia and a range of other challenges I found studying very difficult and it was only when I was repeating the leaving certificate exams that I truly cracked the concentration code! I had to study for up to three times as long as others in my class due to my slow speed of learning and this meant that I had to develop techniques and strategies that would keep me focused for far longer than others in my class.

Now I make a point of working with students each year who are struggling to concentrate. That’s why I have put together the CONCENTRATION BOOT CAMP that I’m presenting in Leixlip on Saturday March 11th. This will be a great opportunity for struggling students to get the inside track on how to concentrate successfully.

I am living proof that my approach works – using the strategies and techniques that I developed along with activities drawn from the wide range of training and experience that I have gained, I qualified as a teacher and specialised in Learning Support. Later I completed my masters in with the Open University and scored in the top 10% of my class!  Now, many may have struggled and succeeded in studying for their exams but few have turned around and made a pathway that others can follow. I have made this a big part of my life over the years and will open the pathway for up to 30 struggling exam students in Leixlip on March 11h. Interested?

In one to one sessions with students, at courses and workshops I have presented my approach and now I’m r willing to share these simple but effective strategies, activities and information with 30 lucky students who will leave the boot camp with the skills and tools to settle down, concentrate and study successfully for their exams.

If a struggling exam student is given the right help now it will change the course of their life for good. Instead of just passing subjects( or worse) they will shine out and achieve their true potential in their exams and open doors to a different quality of life, better educational opportunities and a greater chance of financial security and personal happiness. Who wouldn’t want this for the exam students of today? That’s why this Concentration Boot Camp may be so important to them. Please share this information with their parents and teachers.

To you it may seem like an unusual approach, but for those that I have l have helped over the years my training in concentration, motivation and overcoming obstacles have made the difference between being the student described as being “ has great potential if he could only concentrate” and successfully achieving their true potential.

In my work I see immediate changes that are long lasting and I get more job satisfaction in a day now than I got in a year as a school teacher because passing on my my strategies, approach and activities to struggling exam, students sees them transformed from distracted, jumpy and disinterested to motivated, switched on learners who’s mind is clear, body is calm and potential is being reached.

To concentrate you need three things-
1. You must feel safe enough to allow you mind to place its attention on a topic rather than be preoccupied with keeping you safe
2. You must want to concentrate for a good enough reason that will deliver a meaningful reward to you
3. You must priotitise the time for study and give yourself a real chance to learn,

Only then do real learning, memory, analysis and other higher order skills come into play. In the Concentration Boot Camp I help struggling exam students to feel safe and secure inside because.it is this lack of security that has their attention permanently scanning their environment for signs of danger or possible threats to their security.

Usually we find that they experienced a shock or trauma that put them into a state of hyper-vigilance which unknown to themselves makes their eyes constantly scan about and be unable to stay on a topic or focus on a subject for more than a few seconds. Similarly with their listening. As the struggling exam student has unconsciously shifted their attention to hearing the sound of approaching danger they are tuned to hear these sounds rather than normal human speech and so they often drift off in class or when you are speaking to them. Once they are made to feel safe again and the effects of the shock, trauma or bullying have been erased using a few simple techniques that calm their body, still their mind and focus their attention, life and their participation in it change for good!

In a few moments, using my strategies, we see their pupils shrink from fully dilated to normal and from sluggish to contract in bright light to instantly the shoulders rise and fall with every responsive.

Then with a single activity lasting usually a minute their breathing changes from what I call “panic type breathing” where their shoulders rise and fall with every breath to normal diaphragmatic breathing which is “breathing like a relaxed baby” with no movement in their chest but their abdomen is expanding and contracting calmly and slowly with each breath. This kind of breathing maximises the oxygen flow in their thinking brain, facilitating concentration for extended periods of time.

Other activities and strategies reduce their adrenaline levels and as a result the tapping foot and ever moving fingers become still as their body quieten down and their adrenaline levels normalise.

You can’t force a student into deep concentration or the powerful learning that comes when they have internal motivation. To get the levels of internal motivation required to successfully study for exams means that the reward must be meaningful for them. They must want what it will bring. Unless they desire it strongly their motivation, application and interest will not be enough to help them persevere when the going gets tough. This is why I developed my SMARTER approach to setting goals and involve them in working out what they really want to achieve. Usually by the time I see them they have settled for a minimal result based on the teachers’ assessments and past exam results. Yet with a little guidance each of these struggling exam students is capable of so much more. I will never forget being told when my results were announced  “you did far better than we expected!”.

I was a struggling exam student and found ways to help myself and want to pass these on to every struggling exam student. Sadly, the hotel room in Leixlip will accommodate no more than 30 so I can only work with the first 30 struggling exam students who book tickets. So if you or someone you know is the parent or related to a struggling exam student please let them know about the Concentration Boot Camp. More info here….

Let’s be Honest. Is Your Business Dying a Slow Death?

Padraig King founded the 90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners just like you. His method is comprised of a set of simple activities used by business owners and guidelines that help you to get focused and stay on task for up 90 minutes at a time.

Do you feel like your business isn’t quite as productive as you’d like it to be?
Are you doing a whole lot more than usual, are stressed more than usual and yet aren’t accomplishing all the things you should?
If you are, then congratulations, your business has been poisoned and it’s dying a slow death.

While the demerits of wasting time are aplenty for employees, for employers and business owners like you, it’s an entirely different story. A worker, an assistant or a manager might find another job if the one at your firm doesn’t work out all too well, but it will be all the much more difficult for you bounce back if your business tanks- and we wouldn’t want that at all.

Here are the signs to recognize to save your business from the multitude of distraction, along with the accompanying treatment that you can seek to increase workability and productivity:

Overweighing Multi-task

Multi-tasking is like the disease of obesity, it’s an epidemic, it’s weighing you down and there’s no end in sight. The fact is, the human brain is simply not manufactured in a way that allows successful multi-tasking. A few short meaningless tasks mostly interlinked, sure you can handle them. However, you’re more likely to botch up than get them right at all if you try to multi-task things that require your time and attention.

For business owners, this is especially damaging because it not only results in you not accomplishing everything on your list, it can also directly translate to a significant loss of revenue.
The treatment: It’s simple: categorize your work by priority, set a timer and accomplish one task within the set constraints and only consider moving onto the next when you’re completely finished with the first.

Cell Phones and the Chronic Ailment Called Social Media

Cell Phones and social media websites have become the bane of a business’s success. There’s text-messaging, instant messaging, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Instagram and the worst of them all, Facebook and a whole lot more that keep you trapped until you’ve run out of time and achieved nothing. Cell Phones drain your productivity like the social media apps drain its battery – and you want to avoid that as much as possible. The treatment: Remove social media applications from your phone completely. Too drastic for you? Inform your loved ones to avoid contacting you on your personal phone during the work day (be sure to give them the work contact details for emergency purposes), switch your phone onto flight mode, place it in the drawer and forget about it until it’s time to go home.

Never-Ending Email Attack

Emails! The devil of the workplace. How is a business owner expected to accomplish anything when they’re wielding off emails left, right and center? How?? That’s right, you don’t. The minute you feel as if you’re making some headway into whatever errand you’re running, or task you’re working on, the computer goes ‘ping’ notifying you of yet another urgent email. Here’s something you should know, nine of the ten times that happens in ten minutes, there is absolutely nothing urgent about the email.  The treatment for the email attack: Ignore them. Designate an hour of your day to sift through the emails and inform anyone that everything and anything that is emailed will only be handled during that time. Try it, you’re business with begin breathing a revived and revitalized breath.

Here is an out of office response that I use

Thank you for your message, I have received it and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


For business efficiency, I check emails at certain times each day, so you may not get an immediate personal response.  If your enquiry is urgent, please contact my office (by text ) on  +353861723510 


I really appreciate your patience and look forward to dealing with this matter before close of business today.



Padraig King


By dealing with emails at a set time each day you can focus on what is truly important and get more done than you would have dreamed was possible.

The  90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners can be delivered in person as a one day personal coaching session, to a group over two days and as an online video course where you can join in as Padraig leads seven business owners and coaches one by one through the activities. The online course includes interviews with each of the business owners and discusses how they use focus, were previously struggling with their workload and the changes that they have made.



How to Overcome the Damaging Effects of Distractions

The Damaging Effect of Distractions and the Importance of Focus to Run a Successful Business

Opting to run a business instead of holding a steady 9 to 5 job could be seen as somewhat of a gamble, and a very brave decision but for you it is simply what you do.  Some surfers will not surf in certain conditions ad some fishermen will only fish on dry warm days. You however love the challenge and the buzz of being in the entrepreneurial zone.

As much as being an entrepreneur is beneficial in giving you creative freedom in your life, it’s also a lot of hard work to earn a steady income through a small to mid-sized business—especially in the early days. There is so much to be done and so little time to do it that you often find that your time has been taken up doing non-urgent or non-essential task or you just got distracted.

Many people may think that having your own business gives you the freedom to come and go as you please and that you are able to enjoy all the perks that come with being a business owner. However, what they often fail to understand is that the rewards come way later—certainly after you’ve dug deep and put in a whole lot of effort in making your venture a success. Digging deep in the wrong direction can be a costly mistake and one we don’t want you to make.

The single biggest drain on your business is time that you waste. You and your business have the potential to fail completely, as many already have, if you don’t factor in and make allowances for distractions. There are uncountable types of interruptions and disruptions that can prevent you from accomplishing your short and long term work goals each day.

One of the most common and most damaging of distractions that negatively affect your business include thinking that you have to do everything yourself.  Stop now,  and look at all the non essential tasks that you performed yesterday that could have been done more efficiently, effectively and possibly more professionally by a specialist in that area. How much is a billable hour of your time worth? Now for example, how many hours and minutes did you waste doing secretarial tasks that could have been done by a virtual secretary for a few dollars on Upwork  or other online agencies?

Disorganization in your work place, outdated or even over-hyped current business strategies can waste weeks of your year. However, it doesn’t end there. As damaging as inefficient workplace environments and work policies are, your own personality also has a significant effect on the success of your business. Personality traits such as laziness and procrastination along with envy and disdain also have a considerably negative consequence. These sorts of distractions can make you lose touch with what’s going on within the business-sphere along with leading to confusion, substantial time wastage as well as significant de-motivation in your entrepreneurial journey.

In order to run a business and to ensure that it reaches its maximum potential and become successful, you, as an entrepreneur, need to adopt tactics and strategies that allow you to sift through the distractions and focus singularly on tasks.

You cannot let yourself be swayed by family obligations, social media distractions, time wasting errands and the like, and lose sight of what’s important—which is creating a highly efficient and productive work environment for yourself and your employees. By centering your focus on the bigger picture, prioritizing the different aspects of your business and by delegating the less important tasks, you can optimize business productivity.

Now you can learn to focus your mind on what is important to you and the success of your business in a specially made training program that you can use right from your desk. Developed by Padraig King, often referred to as the Focus King, the 90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners does exactly what it says and helps you to get focused and stay focused for up to 90 minutes at a time.

Take a step back and evaluate your business practices with a critical eye and eliminate the diversions that distract you and waste your time. Take stock of what you do and do not accomplish in a day, week, or month. Rank yourself and then use this information to determine where you want to be, personally and professionally and aim towards your goal with single-minded focus.

All the damaging effects of distractions can be completely eliminated, and you can drive the growth of your enterprise exponentially with the perseverance and focus you will learn in this online course. What are you waiting for? Don’t waste any time Check it out now


Are you studying for exams?

Working on getting certified?

Finding it difficult to concentrate?

Then you may benefit from attending our 2 day live action course which will be presented in 3 venues Cork, Dublin and Galway this Spring.

Then the course presented by Padraig King, founder of the 90 minute focus method will go on to Derry and on to London before going global.


Can’t learn
Can’t concentrate
Can’t remember what you learn         well NOW YOU CAN

This 2 day course will help you to make real and lasting changes to your concentration, memory and ability to express yourself and communicate what you have learned in a free flow of speech or writing. ideal for exams, interviews and studying.

Learn Easily : With practical activities you will learn to concentrate almost in spite of yourself!

Focus Quickly : Using quick, easy and effective activities you will learn to focus quickly and stay focused for much longer than ever before!

Be in Full Control : Take full control over your brain and body. Be still. Be calm. Be focused.

 Core Principles:

  • Your natural ability to concentrate is always available but distractions block your access.
  • When under pressure your unconscious awareness of possible dangers in your environment overrides your conscious desire to focus on any other task/object that is not essential for survival.
  • Restoring your body and brain to calm and stillness facilitates conscious control over your attention.
  • Given the right conditions you can establish and maintain deep concentration for up 90 minutes at a time.
  • Creating the right conditions for deep concentration enables you to learn, understand, memorise and recall beyond your current levels.
  • When you master your attention you begin to take control of your life.
  • Despite our ability to juggle we focus our attention properly on just one thing/task at a time.
  • Mindfulness is based on your ability to stay focused. You may increase your meaningful awareness of whre you are and what you are doing by being at this powerful transformative course.

Learning Outcomes You Can Expect

By the end of this course you will

  1. Know how to eliminate the distractions that were limiting your concentration
  2. Know how to resource your brain and body to promote better concentration
  3. Understand the significance of SMARTER Goals for you
  4. Be able to set a goal to concentrate for more than 15 minutes at a time and achieve it using simple physical activities
  5. Self-Regulate your energy, resources and attention to optimise your ability to stay focused
  6. Be able to set smarter goals that will deliver the results that you have always been denied.
  7. Know which physical activities promote deep concentration for you and for others.
  8. Be able to use these techniques and activities safely with other people and help them to boost their concentration.
  9. Be able to establish accurately which areas of your brain and body are switched on and supporting your concentration
  10. Have the tools to switch on all areas of your brain and body which support concentration in a smarter and more effective way than ever before

Assessment :

This course and does not require an exam as it is a highly practical course and you will learn as you do.

As you are participating fully and engaging in the activities then you will develop the skills, the understanding and knowledge that will allow you to go forward and use what you learn in this course to transform not only your life but the lives of all of those people that you share the activities with.

Do the course for yourself, for your family and those you care about. Everyone benefits from meaningful focus. As this is the only time this workshop will be presented in your area we are keen to fill the course with those who have been waiting for this all of their lives.

Booking is Essential. Limited places available.
Book today and beat the price rise on January 22nd     Book Now 


Our goal has always been to create a happy, thriving community of people who are in control of their concentration and can apply it to any task for as long as they wish. If you are not thrilled with the workshop then we have no interest in forcing you to continue using the activities and the SMARTER Concentration Made Easy Method .


Will there be video at the workshops? yes and a video of the activities will be available to you after attending the course.

Share and Enjoy


How to Transform your Fear into a Productive Action

How to Transform Your Fear Paralysis into Productive Actions

In the 90 Minute Focus Method for Business Owners we use a simple step by step activity to feel the fear and then override it so you can get the job done!

LIMITED TIME OFFER Get 50% Off today! 

Our step by step Method:

Part 1

Step 1 Once you identify your fear, notice how it generates a negative sensation in your body as well as creating turmoil in your mind. Identify where this sensation is strongest. Feel the cold sensation emanating from this area of your body.

Step 2 Cross your ankles,

Step 3 Stretch your arms out in front of your chest at shoulder height if possible

Step 4 With arms still outstretched turn your thumbs towards your feet

Step 5 Pass one hand over the other so that your fingers will interlock gently

Step 6 With fingers interlocked relax your shoulders, arms, elbows and wrists

Step 7 Imagine that you have your favourite sweet, candy, mint or toffee
on the roof off your mouth and begin to suck it occasionally.

Step 8 Soon a positive warm sensation will begin to grow within your body

Step 9 Allow yourself to enjoy feeling this sensation spread wider and further
until it cancels out the cold negative fear sensation that you experienced a moment before.

Part 2

(We suggest that yiu do this part only after experiencing the fear sensation and the warm sensation)

Step 1  Now uncross your ankles and your hands.

Step 2 Rub your hands together until they feel really warm especially the base of each thumb.

Step 3 Rest your elbows on your knees.

Step 4 Close your eyes and rest your closed eye sockets on the warm bases of your thumbs

Step 5 Soon you will feel the heat begin to transfer into your eyes through closed lids

Step 6 Now in your mind picture yourself doing the task that generated the fear and become aware of the positive feeling of success you will experience when you have completed the task

Step 7 Notice where this positive feeling is generating a positive sensation in your body

Step 8 Allow it to blend with the warm sensation that you experienced a few moments ago

Step 9 Allow this combined positive warm sensation to eliminate the cold previously fearful sensation and then get up and do the task.

Remember when you control your emotions, thoughts, words and actions you can take full control of your personal and business life.

Learn more visit https://focusking.teachable.com/p/90-minute-focus-method-for-business-owners

Reasons Why Lack of Focus May Be Harming Your Business

Reasons Why Lack of Focus May Be Harming Your Business

Do you find yourself distracted with tens of different things when you’re working? Are you constantly juggling emails, calls, meetings and rarely getting anything productive accomplished? If yes, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one; especially if you’re a small business owner.

Sometimes, it’s not even that you have a lot to do; it could be that you’re so full of energy and creative ideas that you find it hard to center your attention onto one thing when you’re mind is building avenues in so many different directions.  You’re passionate and brimming with inspiration, and you feel like you want to accomplish everything all at once. You develop and foster one thought and from that thought emerges another, more powerful than the previous one and before you know it your creative energies are rolling down a hill with nothing ever reaching the finish line.

The fact is it’s very easy for anyone to lose sight of their goals and objectives while dealing with the mundane of everyday life but it seems like it’s particularly common with entrepreneurs. When you have so many business hats to adorn day in and day out, it’s no surprise that sticking to one objective and achieving it becomes a major struggle.

This inability to complete what you started is nothing but a lack of focus, and it may be doing more harm to you and your business than you even realize.

For entrepreneurs and young businessmen, the day starts with a full agenda already. You have stuff you need to take care of, things to do that make you wish you could tack on a couple of extra hours at the end of each day just so that you’re able to squeeze everything in. And while the day begins with an already set list of tasks, it ends with rarely anything done all the way through because new ideas, new products, new features push in and take over.

This unfocused mindset is the root of all evil. This is what eventually causes your business to deteriorate, and that too, rapidly. Why? Because when you’re not focusing, you’re hardly ever completing the things that need to be done. You aren’t following through with your responsibilities and losing sight of your business goals. You may forget business orders, or you may miss steps in your customer service. This directly equals to loss of consumer base and loyalty which leads to a loss in sales and decreased revenue generation.

When your business suffers, you’ll suffer. Financial losses can lead to discouragement and insecurity, anxiety and even depression where you continually fight failure.


If you find that you can relate to any and all of the things mentioned above, maybe it’s time you give the 90 Minute Focus Method a try. A training program designed primarily to cater to business owners and entrepreneurs, this course teaches tried and tested techniques to focus your wayward energies into your work and business, 90 minutes at a time.