Services that Padraig King Offers

Services that Padraig King Offers

Services offered by Padraig King

Padraig King works with business people, educators, parents and students as well as thousands of people of all ages and abilities to help each individual reach their unique potential.

Some time ago business coach and busy mum Yasmin Voragee asked the question

“What do you actually do?”

I decided to post my answer here as it is a question I receive many times each week.
“I make it easy for you to achieve the success you want in your life, education, sport or business in a calm, relaxed and peaceful way that eliminates the challenges and difficulties that have blocked you up to this point”
This is immediately followed by another question
“ What can you do for me? “
I answer
“I find the root causes both visible and those buried underneath years of stress abs struggle and using the simplest way possible I help you to eliminate the root problems and then the symptoms disappear. “
The next question is often more personal like
“ what can you do for me? I’m stressed out all the time, never seem to have enough time in the day……. “
I answer
“ By calming your body, resetting your mind and refocusing your priorities we can get you functioning in a calm, relaxed and mindful peace-filled way in a session. With a few sessions you will be able to spot when you are going into overdrive and take the steps to relax before it becomes too late”
Or they may ask
“ my daughter or son is doing exams this year and hasn’t got down to study yet, can’t concentrate, has a poor memory or has such poor reading abs writing that we worry they will not do as well as they are capable of”
I reply
“ I work with students if all ages and abilities from top A students to those receiving resource or learning support to make Learning, Concentration, Memory, Reading, Maths, Spelling and Handwriting easier, clearer and more efficient. In this way I help students to overcome their limitations and achieve the success they are capable of and often far more than anyone expected of them! “
Whether you are young or older, in business, sports, education or a stay at home Carer or parent if you have an issue that is physical, emotional or stressful then ask me privately what we can accomplish together . You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to achieve the goals that you set and the safe, comfortable and highly effective and efficient ways that I use to make you feel relaxed, confident, calm and competent.
Message me privately on Facebook , Viber, Whatsapp or iMessage text on 0861723510

Are you ready to work with me to create the changes that you desire?

It will be my pleasure to help you create the changes and solutions that lead to the transformation and results  that you desire.

You may book a face to face clinic session or avail of online sessions where you can use regular phone calls,  Facetime, Skype, Zoom or other media to work with me from the comfort of your own home.

Please book an available date and time. I’m keeping these times open for calling you but as other book calls these opportunities for you to make the changes you need will disappear. 

What BIG Factors Affect Student Exam Results?

What BIG Factors Affect Student Exam Results?

Right or wriing, due to the current patterns followed by the global education system, examinations are considered to be the best way to determine students’ progress, growth, and academic performance.

The verbal, written, or electronic exams conducted throughout the educational system, and assessments through the year are thought of as a means of measuring a student’s actual performance and gauging their ability to achieve based on a variety of predetermined objectives.  While this may be true for some students,  for others it simply points to their inability to cope in exam situations and as a result they do not score well so the exam does not reflect their levels of skill, knowledge or understanding.

Not every student performs at in the same way in examinations. There are up’s and downs in the results that are manipulated and normed each year administrators and can lift or drop a student’s score by a few percentage points. This is a good reason to add a few extra hours of study to the preparation for exams and to practice taking exams so that all “gun shy” students are ready for the exam both educationally and psychologically.


There are certain factors that influence and affect each student’s performance and concentration in exams. These factors are divided into four basic categories. They fall into 4 categories

·         Intrinsic Factors

·         Extrinsic Factors

·         Miscellaneous Factors

·         Personal Factors

Intrinsic Factors

The intrinsic factors that affect a student’s ability to concentrate and perform well during their examinations are largely concerned with the examination itself and the way it is conducted. These also include strict and consistent marking by the teachers and instructors. Another factor can be the varying patterns and sequences of the exam papers which may significantly contribute to a lower score in  some examinations. The question style and material the questions are based on may also influence the students’ results.

Extrinsic Factors

The factors that pertain to the environment in which the examination is conducted are considered as Extrinsic Factors. These may include but are not limited to the noise distractions within and outside the examination hall, the distance or lack of between students in the exam hall, along with the light, temperature and ventilation of the examination hall. These can affect the students’ results in their exams. Moreover, the attitude and behavior of the fellow students as well as the invigilation staff may also influence how the students fare concentration-wise during the exam. Many distractions or interruptions can directly impact the students’ results.  

Miscellaneous Factors

A student’s concentration is also challenged by various completely unrelated factors that include studying the incorret or only part of the course material and their approach to pre-exam practice sessions. The delivery of the lectures pertaining to the exam itself also has the capacity to affect a student’s concentration during the preparatory phase of the exam. Sadly for some the possibility of a severe fear or phobia of appearing in the run up to exams also tends to affect the outcome and overall performance of a student.

Personal Factors

Some personal factors also have the ability to influence the levels of a student’s concentration during exam study. The factors such as emotional turmoil due to family or other relationship issues, lack of sleep, overall work and school stresses,  as well as any  personality disorders may  all affect the outcome of a student’s exam. Their personal attitude and behavior, presence or absence of confidence also affects their exam concentration and performance. Another factor that potentially influences a student’s ability to perform to their maximum potential during the exam season is the possible existence of a mild, moderate or even previously undiagnosed learning disability or disorder.

While some of the above mentioned factors can be tackled by school and student themselves some are completely out of their control. There are others still that need to be addressed through outside assistance.

For ways to help a student to concectrate more effectively, efficiently so that they can settle down, study, understand and remember what they are reading you might consider the one and two day courses on offer this March and April.

On Saturday, March 11th in Dublin the Concentration Boot Camp will help struggling student to switch on their concentration, learn and recall more easily and give them a much stronger chance to succeed in displaying their true potential in their exams.

During the Easter holidays, we have a two day course SMARTER CONCENTRATION MADE EASY that goes deeper into concentration and helps the student through a structured pattern of to take full control over their wandering attention and focus fully on what they wish to study.


Booking is essential for these events and tickets are available at

Need Help Studying

Need Help Studying

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My Struggle to Learn

I’m Padraig King and i have been helping students ace their exams for more years than you have been around. I was a struggling student once with un-diagnosed dyslexia, very slow reading speeds and atrocious spelling. My handwriting was so poor that when I did exams I usually scored well below the score i would have got if they could have read my writing. I struggled all the way through primary school, secondary school and even in 3rd level. .

My Biggest Problem

The biggest problem that I had in secondary school  was that i was always getting distracted. I could not stay focused and it cost me dearly in some early exams where i could see kids who were not as intelligent as i was scoring marks much higher than i was awarded. some of this was due to the fact that the teachers had such difficulty reading my scrawly handwriting but the biggest part was that i could not stay on task long enough to join up the information i was taking in . as a result it was a jumble of facts and i had not been able to fit them together to make thw jigsaw that gave other a clear picture of the subjects and allowed them to answer questions with that advantage. I was still struggling to place the pieces together while they were moving on to the next subject.


Around the age of 14 I made a breakthrough and cracked the code of concentration. I discovered that by doing specific activities I could significantly improve my concentration. These simple activities made a big improvement in my scores and so i began tyhe quest for better and stronger ways to deal with my distractability.  Every time I found a newer, betrer way to do the activities I found my concentration grew. \I knew then as i know now that the key to concentration lies in activating the “right” parts of  your brain to make concentration possible. Later |I studied to be teacher, and then a l\earning support teacher and to prove to myself and the rest of the world that I was really focused and able to concentrate deeply I studied for and obtained a Masters from the Open University in the field of Education.

Concentration Solutions for You

With a lifetime of knowing what it feels like to be distracted, anxious and appearing to others as under-performing. I understand concentration like few others as i have been studying it for so long as have helped thousands of people to take control over their distractions,. calm down their minds and focus their attention like never before.

With my own skills and breakthrough in understanding and self control along with training I received in seven areas of study I developed a program that delivers 90 minutes of pure focus when and where you need it.  Later I developed online courses and workshops and other courses that employ many of the strategies i use successfully every day with my clients. Due to distances involved many of my clients are only accessing my services online and  I use Facetime, Skype, Zoom,  and a wide range of messaging apps to teach them how to calm down, settle in and make concentration and study possible for them. We stay in contact  by Whatsapp and email in between calls and they enjoy my support for as long as they need it.


Now is YOUR time!

Tell me how I can help you and let’s see how quickly and easily you can get concentrating, studying and achieving your real potential. This is YOUR opportunity to get the help you need from someone who knows what uyou have been through and       found solutions that will work for you.  

Use the contact form below to tell me what you need and I’ll do what I can to make a real difference to the way that you concentrate.

By the way, I also have ways to massively improve your reading, hand writing, maths and self expression as well as comprehension skills as well as essay and report writing. Some call me the one-stop-shop for everything you need to ace your exams.


3 Things You Must Have for Great Concentartion

3 Things You Must Have for Great Concentartion

Every year a new crop of students face exams and arrive unprepared.
Would you send your son or daughter to play football without boots?
Would you attempt to drive a long journey without checking you had enough fuel? Yet thousands of students, some of whom you may know or know of,  are expected to study without the concentration and application to settle down and study.

Schools do their best and many students seem to just “get it” but my heart goes out to those bright young minds who are stumbling and falling by the wayside simply for the want of concentration. . You probably know at least one student who is struggling with concentration right now!

My interest is personal because I was once one of these kids. With un-diagnosed dyslexia and a range of other challenges I found studying very difficult and it was only when I was repeating the leaving certificate exams that I truly cracked the concentration code! I had to study for up to three times as long as others in my class due to my slow speed of learning and this meant that I had to develop techniques and strategies that would keep me focused for far longer than others in my class.

Now I make a point of working with students each year who are struggling to concentrate. That’s why I have put together the CONCENTRATION BOOT CAMP that I’m presenting in Leixlip on Saturday March 11th. This will be a great opportunity for struggling students to get the inside track on how to concentrate successfully.

I am living proof that my approach works – using the strategies and techniques that I developed along with activities drawn from the wide range of training and experience that I have gained, I qualified as a teacher and specialised in Learning Support. Later I completed my masters in with the Open University and scored in the top 10% of my class!  Now, many may have struggled and succeeded in studying for their exams but few have turned around and made a pathway that others can follow. I have made this a big part of my life over the years and will open the pathway for up to 30 struggling exam students in Leixlip on March 11h. Interested?

In one to one sessions with students, at courses and workshops I have presented my approach and now I’m r willing to share these simple but effective strategies, activities and information with 30 lucky students who will leave the boot camp with the skills and tools to settle down, concentrate and study successfully for their exams.

If a struggling exam student is given the right help now it will change the course of their life for good. Instead of just passing subjects( or worse) they will shine out and achieve their true potential in their exams and open doors to a different quality of life, better educational opportunities and a greater chance of financial security and personal happiness. Who wouldn’t want this for the exam students of today? That’s why this Concentration Boot Camp may be so important to them. Please share this information with their parents and teachers.

To you it may seem like an unusual approach, but for those that I have l have helped over the years my training in concentration, motivation and overcoming obstacles have made the difference between being the student described as being “ has great potential if he could only concentrate” and successfully achieving their true potential.

In my work I see immediate changes that are long lasting and I get more job satisfaction in a day now than I got in a year as a school teacher because passing on my my strategies, approach and activities to struggling exam, students sees them transformed from distracted, jumpy and disinterested to motivated, switched on learners who’s mind is clear, body is calm and potential is being reached.

To concentrate you need three things-
1. You must feel safe enough to allow you mind to place its attention on a topic rather than be preoccupied with keeping you safe
2. You must want to concentrate for a good enough reason that will deliver a meaningful reward to you
3. You must priotitise the time for study and give yourself a real chance to learn,

Only then do real learning, memory, analysis and other higher order skills come into play. In the Concentration Boot Camp I help struggling exam students to feel safe and secure inside is this lack of security that has their attention permanently scanning their environment for signs of danger or possible threats to their security.

Usually we find that they experienced a shock or trauma that put them into a state of hyper-vigilance which unknown to themselves makes their eyes constantly scan about and be unable to stay on a topic or focus on a subject for more than a few seconds. Similarly with their listening. As the struggling exam student has unconsciously shifted their attention to hearing the sound of approaching danger they are tuned to hear these sounds rather than normal human speech and so they often drift off in class or when you are speaking to them. Once they are made to feel safe again and the effects of the shock, trauma or bullying have been erased using a few simple techniques that calm their body, still their mind and focus their attention, life and their participation in it change for good!

In a few moments, using my strategies, we see their pupils shrink from fully dilated to normal and from sluggish to contract in bright light to instantly the shoulders rise and fall with every responsive.

Then with a single activity lasting usually a minute their breathing changes from what I call “panic type breathing” where their shoulders rise and fall with every breath to normal diaphragmatic breathing which is “breathing like a relaxed baby” with no movement in their chest but their abdomen is expanding and contracting calmly and slowly with each breath. This kind of breathing maximises the oxygen flow in their thinking brain, facilitating concentration for extended periods of time.

Other activities and strategies reduce their adrenaline levels and as a result the tapping foot and ever moving fingers become still as their body quieten down and their adrenaline levels normalise.

You can’t force a student into deep concentration or the powerful learning that comes when they have internal motivation. To get the levels of internal motivation required to successfully study for exams means that the reward must be meaningful for them. They must want what it will bring. Unless they desire it strongly their motivation, application and interest will not be enough to help them persevere when the going gets tough. This is why I developed my SMARTER approach to setting goals and involve them in working out what they really want to achieve. Usually by the time I see them they have settled for a minimal result based on the teachers’ assessments and past exam results. Yet with a little guidance each of these struggling exam students is capable of so much more. I will never forget being told when my results were announced  “you did far better than we expected!”.

I was a struggling exam student and found ways to help myself and want to pass these on to every struggling exam student. Sadly, the hotel room in Leixlip will accommodate no more than 30 so I can only work with the first 30 struggling exam students who book tickets. So if you or someone you know is the parent or related to a struggling exam student please let them know about the Concentration Boot Camp. More info here….

On March 11th Let’s Make Concentration Easy for Struggling Exam Students in a One Day Boot Camp for Success!

On March 11th Let’s Make Concentration Easy for Struggling Exam Students in a One Day Boot Camp for Success!

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This Concentration Boot Camp is for you if you

Can’t Concentrate
Can’t settle down to study
Easily Distracted
Lose focus in seconds
are worried that you won’t demonstrate in your exams how intelligent you really are or how much you know because you can’t concentrate for long enough to get it all written down?
Are you are running into difficulties because you don’t really know how to concentrate, study or even begin to settle down to study?

Then give me just one day and I will show you how to settle down, clear you head, relax your mind and focus your attention like never before so that you can begin to effectively and successfully sit your exams and demonstrate to the world how good you really are!

Result: you will be able to study, learn, understand, remember and communicate what you know in exams and interviews quickly, easily, effectively and calmly.

My approach is based on almost 20 years as a teacher and the past 19 years in private practice where I have made concentration, study and exam success possible for thousands who were struggling and lacked the skills, knowledge and techniques that would help them get the results that they wanted.

Using a blend of physical activities (that you can do at your desk) to stimulate regions of the brain, relaxing visiualisations to eliminate your fear and frustration, activities and worksheets to focus your mind and simple explanations of how you mind works now and making the changes to your mindset to deliver the results that you want.

It is such a shame to see a student with great potential struggle and fail, unable to concentrate and know that they could have been helped to focus and study to their true potential. Be your full self and get the results you are capable of when you attend this Concentration Boot Camp.

Update: As of now over 7000 exam students, their parents and teachers among others have viewed this mini series of videos to help exam students concentrate more easily.

This Concentration Boot Camp offers you a one day course covering tips and tricks from my work, that will help you to calm down, settle in and concentrate more successfully than ever before.

With self-evaluation, before and after each activity demonstrated and put into action, you the lucky exam students who get to attend will see clearly for yourselves the value of each activity, its relevance and know how to use it at home, in school and in your exam hall.

In this one day course I will lead you through a range of simple physical activities to switch off your stress and anxiety, switch on your ability to settle down and concentrate and make it easy for you to study successfully for your exams.

Registration 9:00 Break at 10:50 (bring your own snack) Lunch at 12:30 -13:30 (carvery available in hotel) Certificates of attendance at 4:30 pm

Course includes
Assessing your concentration levels before and after
Finding your best learning style
Tips on the best way for you to learn.
Basic explanation of how we learn
Identifying which areas of your brain are switched on and engaged
Simple quick activities to switch on your primary learning channels,
Simple quick ways to settle down your body
Simple and quick ways to calm your mind
Simple quick ways to resource your brain and body for concentration
Opportunity to ask questions and consolidate learning

Exam students welcome who have a genuine desire to learn to concentrate more effectively and successfully study for their future.

Entry by ticket only.
Saturday March 11th Dublin

These are just some of the activities we will be covering in the course to prepare your brain and body to concentrate more succesfully. Each is powerful, effective and long lasting.

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