Have the Success You Always Wanted

Have the Success You Always Wanted

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Seven Simple Steps to Achieve Your success

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Services that Padraig King Offers

Services that Padraig King Offers

Services offered by Padraig King

Padraig King works with business people, educators, parents and students as well as thousands of people of all ages and abilities to help each individual reach their unique potential.

Some time ago business coach and busy mum Yasmin Voragee asked the question

“What do you actually do?”

I decided to post my answer here as it is a question I receive many times each week.
“I make it easy for you to achieve the success you want in your life, education, sport or business in a calm, relaxed and peaceful way that eliminates the challenges and difficulties that have blocked you up to this point”
This is immediately followed by another question
“ What can you do for me? “
I answer
“I find the root causes both visible and those buried underneath years of stress abs struggle and using the simplest way possible I help you to eliminate the root problems and then the symptoms disappear. “
The next question is often more personal like
“ what can you do for me? I’m stressed out all the time, never seem to have enough time in the day……. “
I answer
“ By calming your body, resetting your mind and refocusing your priorities we can get you functioning in a calm, relaxed and mindful peace-filled way in a session. With a few sessions you will be able to spot when you are going into overdrive and take the steps to relax before it becomes too late”
Or they may ask
“ my daughter or son is doing exams this year and hasn’t got down to study yet, can’t concentrate, has a poor memory or has such poor reading abs writing that we worry they will not do as well as they are capable of”
I reply
“ I work with students if all ages and abilities from top A students to those receiving resource or learning support to make Learning, Concentration, Memory, Reading, Maths, Spelling and Handwriting easier, clearer and more efficient. In this way I help students to overcome their limitations and achieve the success they are capable of and often far more than anyone expected of them! “
Whether you are young or older, in business, sports, education or a stay at home Carer or parent if you have an issue that is physical, emotional or stressful then ask me privately what we can accomplish together . You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to achieve the goals that you set and the safe, comfortable and highly effective and efficient ways that I use to make you feel relaxed, confident, calm and competent.
Message me privately on Facebook , Viber, Whatsapp or iMessage text on 0861723510

Are you ready to work with me to create the changes that you desire?

It will be my pleasure to help you create the changes and solutions that lead to the transformation and results  that you desire.

You may book a face to face clinic session or avail of online sessions where you can use regular phone calls,  Facetime, Skype, Zoom or other media to work with me from the comfort of your own home.

Please book an available date and time. I’m keeping these times open for calling you but as other book calls these opportunities for you to make the changes you need will disappear. 

Are you ready to work with me to create the new you?

Are you ready to work with me to create the new you?

I am truly grateful that you have stopped to read this. It will be my pleasure to help you find the solutions that will quickly and easily lead to the transformation that you desire.

Readiness for Change
It means you that are looking for change and now you are in the right place. Together we can explore what you would like to make better, easier and more effective in your life. It is all about you and your needs, wants and desires being fulfilled.


I specialise in making it possible for you to make changes in your wellness, mindset, performance , confidence and personal growth at a rate that far exceeds your expectations. Let’s find your personal obstacle to change. For many people it is their mindset or the way they perceive things, events and people.  Just because it has been a specific way for weeks, months or years does not mean it will take an army of helpers and a long time to effect the change you want. Frequently we can make the changes you want in a set of six sessions.


By breaking down your big goal to manageable steps I lead you safely, calmly and comfortably out of your past stressful; experiences and pain through your present and into your own new future reality  which we can shape and design anyway that you wish. When a small change has already happened safely and comfortably then your entire system can be bouyed up with the confidence of achieving this small change and you become ready to take the next step. Bit by bit (often within a session or two) we achieve the major changes that seemed beyond your reach an hour or a week beforehand. 

Abundance, Satisfaction, Peace

By helping you to identify where your energy is being directed at present we can notice how the manifestations of this in your wellness of body and mind, in your relationships, work,sporting performance, your studies and personal satisfaction levels.

Are you ready to work with me to create the new you?

If you have a genuine desire to change then we can achieve it together. With simple activities, visualizations and shifting of your energy from negative thoughts, fears and anxious behaviours to positive planned results we can accomplish whatever you set your mind and heart to quickly, easily and comfortably. 

Am I right for you?

My ideal client is someone like you who desires real change and is willing to leave behind the old beliefs and patterns that have held them trapped in a reality that they no longer want to live in or tolerate. If this sounds like you or the the kind of person you want to become them please contact me for a short call where we can figure out if we are a good fit and how can work together.  

Are we right for each other?

Message me on Facebook,  Whatsapp or SMS Text +353861723510 for a no obligation call back so we can discuss creating the new you.

Let’s make it the most productive message you send this year !




SMARTER Concentration in 2 Days

SMARTER Concentration in 2 Days

Tune Up your Brain with SMARTER Concentration in just 2 Days

Join the growing number of teens and adults using the SMARTER Concentration Made Easy 2 day Workshops and learn how to grow your ability to concentrate, think clearly, make good decisions and take control over how you spend your time, energy and resources.

This workshop is now booking for  Spring 2017. Limited dates in Ireland before it moves on to other countries. Limited places at each workshop. Anyone over 12 may participate and with no requirements other than they come with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Everyone benefits.

Bring them too!

Special rate for two booking in together, as we encourage at least two people to attend so that you can have someone to share this special experience with, both during and after the workshop.

Once this workshop moves out of Ireland who knows how long before it returns again as it may continue to travel to those many countries where concentration and deep focus are truly valued in business, sports, education and mindfully used for a higher quality of living.


This unique workshop is drawn from the powerful 90 Minute Focus Method developed and taught exclusively by Padraig King.

We respectfully suggest that you book early and enjoy the buildup to this exciting workshop which will facilitate you to change how to think, work, play and relate to others for good.


A full refund is offered after thw workshop if you have not experienced a significant improvement in your concentration

Reduce Visual Distraction, Increase Focused Attention

Reduce Visual Distraction, Increase Focused Attention

Once you become stressed, and even before you experience being distracted, your eyes began scanning your environment for signs of danger, possible conflicts, and any potential attacks. This unconscious scanning has drawn essential resources away from parts of your brain which facilitate concentration and focus. Now you can address this with a simple three-minute activity, which has been reported to help clear away many of the visual distractions that have been unconsciously affecting your concentration.

So, to help you feel more peaceful and more focused I suggest that you make a C-shape with your thumb and two fingers… Make it approximately the same width as your mouth and place the c-shape under your collarbones on both sides of your sternum. Your other hand uses a c-shape with thumb and two fingers on both sides of your belly button /navel

Eye Level: Continue to rub on your chest and abdomen and slowly move your eyes from side to side scanning your environment at eye level.... Having scanned left and right three times you may have done enough to reassure your brain and body that you are safe. You are now aware of everything that you have not seen any real danger and there are no major threats apparent in your line of sight... Now your body begins to calm down and move resources into the areas of your brain that facilitate concentration and focus.

Eyebrow Level: Next Move your eyes up towards your eyebrows and form a rainbow shape from as far left and right as you can move your eyes up across your forehead and back over again three times. Continue to rub the points on your chest and abdomen as you move your eyes. Continue to do this three times or until you feel quite comfortable and quite safe within yourself.

Floor Level: Next scan at floor level to check that there is no danger at floor level. Scan slowly in a downward arc from side to side and down towards your chin in the centre while continuing to rub your chest and abdomen points.

As your brain and body become conscious of how safe you are, the fight or flight reflex is relaxed and resources move from the survival areas at the rear of your brain to the frontal and prefrontal lobes which facilitate concentration, focus, clear thinking and wise decision making.....areas where concentration, focused attention, a sense of self control, self-confidence, self-esteem and levels of competence that deliver the results you want in your business.

You may feel as though you thinking is now clearer and your brain feels re-energized. You may also feel the weight shift from your heels to toes as your body prepares to take you forward with certainty, energy, positivity, and the focused attention to work without visual distractions and embrace whatever challenges lie ahead. Thank you. Visit 90minutefocus.com