Hey, “FocusKing” so, what do you do?

Hey, “FocusKing” so, what do you do?

I was at a meeting lately and the most common question that I was asked was “Hey Padraig, What do you do?”

When I said that I specialise in helping people of all ages to focus, one smart Alec (I think it was him) put the word Focus (my work) and King (my surname) together and called me the “FocusKing”. His audience laughed and the word spread about.

I was thrilled. You could not buy that kind of publicity. Now everybody knew what I did and that I was the “go to person” when you wanted better results in business, sports, education and needed to boost your concentration and focus your attention.

I realised that while many of the people knew who I was, (it is easy to spot me as I’m 6 foot 3″), they did not have a clear idea of what I work at. I decided to write it down and put it here so that you can read about the area that I specialise in. It is not a secret, so feel free to tell others.

I help people to focus their attention.

I help children, teens and adults to move from being easily distracted, distressed and anxious to being calm, relaxed and able to focus for lengthy periods of time….

  • This means that school children sit down in class and are focused enough to learn
  • Exam students are focused on doing their best and able to concentrate easily and so they get better results.
  • Homework gets done in a jiffy as the student is focused, clear headed and able to work at their full capacity.
  • School reports are glowing rather than “could do better “, disruptive” or highly distracted”
  • Teachers are now writing “working well with others” and “very well behaved and cooperative with teacher” .
  • One child proudly showed my his report which said he was a “changed young man, able to concentrate, learn and had become a great example to others”.

Adults are able to complete tasks, save time, money and precious energy as they concentrate on what is important and are no longer distracted when they need to be attentive at work, at home and out socially.

Improved Focus is transforming their lives.

      By the way, how is your concentration?

As I’d work with you I’d help you to transform  your concentration, thinking, attitudes, and remove the blockages to focused attention enabling you to switch on powerful focus when ever you need it.

As someone who has been there and back with hundreds of my clients, I am in an excellent position to help you eliminate the distractions and change your focus from past failures to future successes and the genuine freedom and lasting happiness that comes from knowing that you will complete what you start and achieve your goals.

I bring out the best in every person that I work with and I look forward to finding the fastest and easiest way for you to reach your full potential. Once you learn how to eliminate all distractions and settle in to concentrate you can apply this to education, sorts, business or developing your game, what ever it may be.

As you get things done more rapidly you free up extra time each day to do the fun things….

  • Children like go out side and play and those who can focus get extra time playing every day. No longer dragging out their chores and homework they are out there enjoying their youth and freedom.
  • Exam students are enjoying setting aside specific blocks of time each day for concentration on topics and are confident that as they can concentrate and focus their full attention they are learning easily, more comprehensively and getting the results to prove it.
  • Adults are completing their work withing work hours so they are fee to meet friends, family or enjoy their free time anyway they wish.

  • – They can write that book,
  • finish the garden,
  • shelve the garage, convert the attic
  • tidy out the hot-press,
  • meet friends for coffee,
  • go out to dinner or go to a show,

    or whatever they choose as they will have oodles of free time..

  • No more briefcases, laptops and work strewn around at home, they get their work completed on time, at work, stay on task and get recognition and rewards with minimal effort.
  • Now they work smart, no longer needing to work hard. They are seen as efficient, effective and supported and rewarded for results.

I empower you to make the changes to focus your attention and achieve your full potential.

Once you know how to focus you mind on what;s important to you will attract the people and opportunities into your life to make the changes that you choose, need, want and desire foe yourself and your family.

Experience living with concentration and focus.

Enjoy all the benefits being focused brings. Start living your life rather than just thinking about is and then getting distracted, forgetting and not achieving.

There is much better version of your life that you can start living today.

Check out living with focus.

Ready to accelerate into your future with focus, concentration and freedom then book a free call with me.

Together we can create the focus that you want for yourself.

Leave behind the lost opportunities, failures and times when you got mad at yourself for not sticking to your plans.

Focus now on the feeling, the power and the wonderful energy of being able to concentrate, focus and become the real you.

Every week I begin working individually  with a small selection of people, young and old, who’s focus and concentration abilities will be transformed over a series of 6 sessions with me.  If this sounds like something that you want for yourself or know someone wjho might like to get more focused, develop their concentration and get better results then remember to click here for a free call with me
or let others know through a quick email or social media.

Exams and Interviews

Exams and Interviews

Know someone who is Preparing for Interviews or Studying for Exams?
Every year I work with a small group of students and interviewees to take them from ordinary and struggling to exceptional success.

Using simple activities i help to create shortcuts between new information that you are learning and previous knowledge. This cuts down on time wasted re learning and helps you to recall exactly what you need when you need it.

Approaching your exams and interviews with confidence is essential as the areas of the brain that are used to learn when under stress hold the information for a very short time.

When I work with you I find out what you need and find a way to make the bridge between where you are and where you are capable of being with ba little of the right support. I work at your pace and with regular sessions I prepare your body and mind  to learn, re,member, organise, understand and  communicate what you know in an intelligent way that gets you exceptional results.

Among many tips, trick and techniques distilled from the experience of helping countless students through interviews and exams , I show you how to respond rather than react when faced with the unexpected. This skill alone is worth learning as a life skill but is critical when faced with the unexpected in exams and interviews. It can make the difference between someone who shines and another who blows a fuse.

I work with you as a whole person calming your body, relaxing you so that you being to settle down to preparing for your assessment, Focus your attention, think clearlyaccess you natural intelligence (which be hidden at present but can be brought out with the right support) so that you can apply it to boosting your scores.

I work with a small number of students and interviewees one to one (under 18’s have an adult present / written consent) in my 7 clinics and through Skype calls.

Right now I have only a handful of places left so if this sounds like something that you want then book a free call with me and lets get started

  • 5 places left for 2016 Leaving Cert students 
  • 3 places for Junior Cert 2016 Students
  • just two places at present for Interviewees 

Book a free no obligation call with me and see what we can achieve together.[maxbutton id=”10″]

Business Training:

Stop Surviving and Start Living Your LIfe

Stop Surviving and Start Living Your LIfe

My Australian friend Sylvia Marina ND., a human behaviour specialist says “ If you could see you the way I see you… you would understand you a lot deeper. “

In my transformation work I say to those who trust me with their fears, traumas, broken-ness, hopes and dreams  “If you could see yourself, as I see you, you would embrace the changes that you need to make so that you can start living your life of freedom, abundance, fulfillment and happiness right now.“

I’m living the dream now. Are You?

If you are not yet living your dream then let me guide you on your journey to a new life focused on genuine happiness, personal fulfillment and abundance that you can share with those you love and acre for.

-I will build you a strong body, a healthy mind and balance your energy so that you can build the future of your dreams- pk com(1) When you trust me to help you transform your life be ready to make the changes to succeed. You will be committing a little time and energy every day but very soon you will find that you have got more free time and far more energy because you stepped up and began to live your life in a way that supports achieving your dreams.

Gone the frustrations, negativity and the limiting beliefs that held you in slavery to the clock and bank balances.

Gone too, the controlling opinions of others and the negativity, bullying and provocation.

Now you will be living in in your body but using it in a new way as you are calmer, more relaxed, more peaceful, creative, efficient and effective.

No longer a helpless victim, trapped in your present by events in your past, I will help and guide you to create a brand new future for yourself.

If you are not happy today and believe that you don’t have enough time to

  • do the things that you want to do,
  • visit places that attract you,
  • meet the people who are important to you and
  • relax in a way that restores your whole body, mind and spirit

then you need to do just one thing to break free of that limiting belief – talk to me. 

Find out about my shortcuts to living the life you want. 

Imagine having the freedom to

  • write that book you have started in your mind over and over,
  • visit the special place that you have researched and dreamed about,
  • drive the car, truck or plane that you are fascinated with,
  • meet the kind of people that you want to get to know,
  • sail on a yacht into the sunset  …..  you get the idea…

The first step is easy. Talk to me. The first call is FREE. See when I’m available to chat with you.

You no longer need to feel limited in time or energy. You no longer need to continue living without freedom from pain, suffering and feeling like a victim in your own personal hell.

If you limit the time and energy that you put into achieving the changes that you want in your life it is like saying to yourself “I’ll not feed myself properly in case I become strong, healthy, happy and energised”.

To succeed in changing your life you need more than luck! You need someone who has done it, been through the difficulties, self-pity falls, setback, disappointments, accidents and despair. You need someone who will  show you the shortcuts, guide you, uplift you and strengthen you as you grow and transform quickly and easily into the person that you have the potential to be..

Don’t go back to just hoping that somehow everything will be OK if you can just muddle through?

What is blocking you from making the changes that you need to start living your dream? Are you afraid of success or afraid of failure because you were ill prepared and unsupported the last time you made a change and it did not work out well for you? With me as your guide you will pick the right steps, move forward and reach your destination.

Are you going to be one of those people who hope that “Something might turn up!” and hope they win the lottery but never buy a ticket.  To change you must take action. I can minimise the effort you need to make, cut through jungle of fears and negativity and bring you along my  high path safely to your new life with a package of one to one sessions in person , by phone or on Skype calls.  I work with only 5 people at a time and have a place becoming available this week as another satisfied person, just like you, walks forward confidently in to the life they have created for them selves in just a few short months.

Every tiny step changes your position. If you want to make the right choices, make good decisions and act intelligently then you need to activate the areas of your brain that make this possible.

Areas of the Brain by Padraig King

Areas of the Brain by Padraig King

With almost 20 years of study, practice and constantly making new connections and discoveries, I know the brain inside out and how to make it work for you in ways that no one else has dared to show you. Did you know that the decision centre in your brain is located inside your forehead at the front.

To make a good decision that you will not regret or have second thoughts about The frontal and pre-frontal lobes need to be fed with plenty of your blood carrying in oxygen, nutrition of the right type and the water needed to carry your ideas from cell to cell.

I bet that no one told you that all it takes is one simple activity to switch on the blood-flow in the decision making area of your brain.

Lady Swayed Forwards

Lady Swayed Forwards

Do it now and see for yourself.

Stand up and place the palm of your hand on your forehead, hold it there until you feel your weight shift from your heels to your toes. Then take your hand down again. It may take a minute or more before you sway forwards depending on how much or how little you use this area of your brain.

Decisions made from fear or scarcity are usually based on getting short term results like “the boy who stuck his thumb in the dam”.

Those making survival decisions rarely have the luxury of looking a range of possibilities, at consequences, other developments and are rarely able to allow for personal growth and change. Scarcity decisions mostly assume everything will remain the same.

(However nothing remains the same and those in survival mode often end up chasing their tail trying to catch up with events as they are in reaction mode. He act only as a reaction when something unexpectedly changes. They are not in charge of their lives preferring to give away all their freedom to chance and the reactions of others. By continuing to be in survival and reaction modes they remain victims in their own lives.

Intelligent responsive decision makers take control of their lives and look at all the factors involved before they choose responsible the route that leads to the best result for themselves, and those they care for, in the long term.

Back to the weight shifting from your heels  to your toes. This indicates a shift in resources inside your brain and now you are in a better place to make a good intelligent decision that you can be proud of..

So make the first decision of the rest of your life. Let your new life start here. Weigh up the long term benefits and make a decision  that will take you from surviving to living, from fear to freedom, from suffering as a victim to to freedom, self confidence, self control and joy. Find out how I can assist you to make the changes that you want but have not dared to make on your own.

Ready to learn how to adapt, adopt and respond intelligently making decisions and putting the resources in place to create a better future for yourself?  If so, then let’s see how I can help you transform your life, make the changes that you need to achieve your goals, to live with your rightful abundance, and enjoy your freedom and the joy of living your dream life.

I’m living the dream. Are You? Take the survey

If you are not yet living your dream then let me guide you on your journey to a new life focused on genuine happiness, personal fulfillment and shareable abundance.

 Stop surviving and start living your own life now. Book your call here.

Vote Yourself Number 1+

Vote Yourself Number 1+

Vote Number 1 for Yourself

Give your number 1 vote to maintaining your own health, wellness and mobility then you will always back a winning team. To be of the greatest value to your business, family or friends you must be able to perform as a whole person, deliver what is expected on time and deliver a positive message that energises and uplifts those around you.  Vote Yourself Number 1 !

Self-ful is helpful. Selfish is mean. Looking after your health, positivity and your natural wellbeing is self-ful. It is to be recommended. However many think that putting yourself first and minding your own health are acts of selfishness.

Jesus understood self-ful and was mindful of his energy so that he could deliver a positive message with energy and care. He demonstrated self-ful when he pulled away from the crowd and went up the mountains to relax, pray and take “time out” to recharge the batteries and destress. He was not selfish as he immediately had pity on the peole who followed him and began to preach and heal them.

Are you ready to shift your vote to looking after yourself and being self-ful?

Vote Yourself Number 1

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feel more positive, relaxed and energised.

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The classic Irish Martyr Mammy fed everyone else first and then finally get to eat when everyone was finished. Gone too the martyr father who worked every hour God sent to provide for his family but often missed out on being a part of the family except as a worn out shell who was not in the best of form or short tempered as he was in pain.

Thankfully, that martyr model of parenting is disappearing and more enlightened approach is evident nowadays. Now parents are realising that they must be healthy, happy and relaxed to model these for their children and they realise hw important it is to be available to them rather than exhausted but carrying on with a stiff upper lip  as they hid their own pain and suffering.

If you want help to shift from drained out to being energised, present and positive then book a call with me and let’s see what we can do to raise the quality of your life

Priority in families has shifted to a higher quality of life for everyone so that they each can support and nurture the others.

To inspire others to be their best you must embody the principle of peak performance and walk your talk in your own life.

In the recent days in Ireland we have seen from the election results that finally the Irish voters have moved their priority away from blindly  following leaders and the traditional parties and begun to select candidates who will represent their interests in government.

Some may say the voters are misguided but I see s new pattern developing where as a maturing nation we have moved beyond the initial squandering and recklessness to valuing quality of life over empty promises of quantities of wealth and prosperity for ourselves and our families.

There was a big swing evident to independent candidates of the left and right indicating that people’s priorities have shifted from old politics to a more savvy version where they elect people with principles that in some way match their own.

If you look at the evolution of Ireland as a country like the growing up of a person you might see this election in terms of the emancipation of a young adult where they finally choose for themselves based on what they believe will deliver the best results for themselves.  In commentaries on TV and radio it was suggested that the voters had spent time and energy choosing the candidates that could possibly offer a better quality of life rather than promises that everyone knows will be broken for political expediency.

If you value wellness of body mind and spirit then place your trust in someone you know can deliver. If you like what I have done for you or would like to experience genuine change then contact me for an appointment or refer those you care for to my clin9ics.

To make it easy to decide whether to come to see me I have made myself available to you to chat for free with you [n scheduled calls  three times each day. Morning lunchtime and evenings.  Book a call and let’s see how I can help you and thise you love and acare for to prosper, grow and improve your quality of life, wellness and positivity.

My manifesto has always been that if you root out and resolve the underlying cause of the difficulties, conditions or unwellness being experienced right now it usually leads to rapid change, transforms your life and brings you wellness of body, mind and spirit to the fore. My focus is totally on what you need to make your life a better place to live in.

I am dedicated to finding the solution that you need and delivering on your promise, potential and drawing out your hidden abilities and strengths. 

When you feel good, strong and positive inside you project a very supportive unspoken message of positive energy that can help others to drive change too. Some of the recent political debaters and candidates lacked the clarity and positivity required of leaders in any community.

These tired politicians have failed to demonstrate that they have the energy needed to help their voters through the years ahead.

To be believed by others and be elected to represent them you must demonstrate the drive, enthusiasm and positivity to shine out as an example of what you want to create. You need to show that you have a vision that can lead others to a better place. Voters seem to have see

Hence a big shift to those offering a brighter vision of the future from both left and right side of the political spectrum. Voters now seem to look beyond the promises and the mask and focus on whether a politician has the the energy and passion underneath to be of value in the government.

To go toward as candidates, independents and smaller parties were filled with the passion and drive to make a change. Their success in the recent election may be the beginning of the quality of life revolution .

It is becoming clear now that having a strong feeling of positivity inside has become the central to the Irish adults who voted. Commentators in the media also looked at apathy and disaffection of those who did not vote. Who a strong turnout in many areas this apathy seems to be disappearing and a quiet revolution is taking place in Ireland.


Finally people seem to have tired of century old politics where historical connections and minor division and differences were more important to politicians than the will to cooperate and co-create a higher quality of life for all citizens.

If you want some help to create a new you, a new way of thinking, of moving and of speaking with freedom and positivity about yourself and your life then contact me.  

Let us see how I can help you to raise the quality of your life, improve your health and activate an abundance of positive within you. Be the wonderful you that you can be. Make the difference now that your business, family and friends need. 

Be part of the silent quality of life revolution that has been gathering momentum for a while now and finally showed up in  a massive rejection of party politics and a swing towards those who focus on  the things that really matter to them. 


Vote Yourself Number 1.

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