What are you doing this weekend?

What are you doing this weekend?

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Touch for health Course with Padraig King

Join me, Padraig king, this weekend near Ballyshannon as I teach you how your muscles, organs and emoticons are intertwined and can be liberated so that you experience Optimal Health of Body, Mind and Spirit.

This Touch for Health Kinesiology course teaches you
* the easiest ways to unlock and restore exhausted muscles,
* how to balance the energy of all the organs and systems of your body
* and sure fired ways to restore peace of mind in minutes.

Attend this weekend, and if you like the experience then you are welcome to attend the following three weekends leading to an international certification by the end of this October in Touch for Health Kinesiology. Need to chat to me? Text me on +353861723510

There are no prerequisites. Please be more than 14 years old. This course is excellent for absolute beginners as well as for the more advanced therapists and practitioners. Repeaters pay only 60% of the fee.

To make the course fully accessible to you we are using a ground floor space and have no formal assessments or exams of any kind. My teaching style is mainly kinesthetic which means you learn as you do it and you learn from the changes that you feel happening in own your body.

This is an open book course where if you can see it in the book you can do it.

Poor Memory? No memory required, just watch and do and internalise as you go.

Are you seeking CPD hours or points? Each Touch for \health weekend is rated at 8 Hours. (32 hours total)

See more information on my website and you can book online there too.[maxbutton id=”21″]

Self- Check Your Hips, Pelvis and Lower Back

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