Have the Success You Always Wanted

Have the Success You Always Wanted

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Seminar Guides you along my 

Seven Simple Steps to Achieve Your success

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**If you are in business, a startup, or even thinking about getting into business then you will be delighted to hear that I am running a special 3 hour workshop for women on February 13th at am in Leixlip to Switch on Your Business Success  

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Thank you for Requesting Your FREE eBook

Thank you for Requesting Your FREE eBook

Your Free Book Is On The Way!

Thank you for requesting your free copy of the #1  book, “Seven Simple Steps to Acheive Success”

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Join My next Seminar!

How to swich on your brain and body for total success.

We cover the seven steps and guide you safelty alomg the path to your success.

On Sturday February 23in Dublin and again on Feb 24th in Cork , I am going to show you the proven pathway to achieve success consistently without spending a fortune or giving up living! 

Here’s what we’ll be covering….

If you ready for positive change in your personal life, your business, and day to day living then this powerful seminar will lead you along the seven steps to achieve real success from the beginning. 

At the seminar you will take these Seven Simple Steps to Guarantee Your Success!

  • Step 1. Release the blockages that have limited your success up to now
  • Step 2. Learn How to Set Your Best Goal ever
  • Step 3. Switch On Your Brain and Body for Success
  • Step 4. Access Your Deepest Desires for your Future
  • Step 5. Still Your Mind for Complete Self Control and Focus
  • Step 6. Repair, Reprogram and Resource Yourself for Your Successful Life
  • Step 7. Start “Living the Dream” and Access Success at All Levels

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What they say 

Padraig King is a highly skilled trainer, health therapist and root cause analyst who seeks out and helps resolve the blockages to success of his clients.

He works with businesses, groups and individuals to draw out their true potential and facilitates each individual to achieve their unique success.

In businesses he is often asked to focus on increased success in sales, productivity, motivation and efficiency.

With educators and students he analyses the root cause of blockages, disaffection and low levels of success in learning. Padraig King facilitates students of all ages to switch on to learning and achieve their potential delivering the kind of academic and career success that they deserve.

He has successfully assisted  world class dancers, sports people, european and world champions to be more successful than ever before.

A keen observer of blockages to success, his immmediate techniques for switching on and empowering the brain, muscles and motivation ensure a stream of referrals from his many satisfied clients.

Padraig develops a rapport with his clients that allows him to quickly understand the difficulties they are experiencing and then find the most rapid and effective ways to deal with these and deliver successful outcomes.

He uses world renouned techniques developed over the last 40 years by Dr Paul Dennison, Dr John Thie and Dr. Wayne Topping among others. He has combined and refined their work in his own skillful ways and tailors each session to the individual needs of each client to deliver the successful outcomes that they deserve.

Since the 1990’s he has been promoting co-ordinated thinking, efficiency, positive health, mindfulness and wellbeing as well as facilitating people of all ages to metamorphose from their current state of anxiety and limits to the freedom and abundance that they are destined to have.

Padraig King has successfully facilitated adults and children to achieve their true potential in their work, social engagements, sports, school, college and university study.

Text, Message or Call 0861723510 +353861723510 to book him as a speaker, for private appointments, more information and all enquiries about his work as a Success Achievement Specialist.

Seminars led by Padraig King

Seminars led by Padraig King

Seven Simple Steps to Achieve Your Success

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